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Academic Areas: Advanced manufacturing technology and equipment; electromechanical integration technology; numerical control technology and laser processingtechnology; mechanical processing automation technology and hydraulic drive and control technology

Tang Yangping, male, native of Hunan Xiangtan, in 1954 July was born in Hubei, wuhan. January 1982 graduated from Huazhong Institute of Technology (now Huazhong University of Science and Technology) Mechanical Engineering Department of mechanical manufacturing process, equipment and automation. A former Huazhong University of science and Technology  , School of mechanical science and engineering, manufacturing automation research institute deputy director andon behalf of the director; former vice chairman and Secretary General of Wuhan City Machinery Processing Institute; member of Wuhan Association ofscience and Technology Committee seventh. Now a professor at the Huazhong University of Science and Technology School of mechanical science and engineering, and the director of the Department of automation equipment and technology. And as production engineering professional committee of Hubei Province, director of Institute of Mechanical Engineering

Academic Degrees

1982 January Hubei Wuhan / Huazhong Institute of Technology (now Huazhong University of Science and Technology) Bachelor of Engineering

Professional Experience

1982 to 1988, served as a teaching assistant, lecturer, Department of mechanical engineering, Huazhong Institute of technology. And served as deputy director of staff room of mechanical manufacturing automation.Engaged in mechanical processing automation of scientific research work,taught the undergraduate course "machine hydraulic transmission".

1988 to 2000, served as associate professor, Huazhong University of science and Technology College of mechanical science and engineering; and Manufacturing Automation Research Institute deputy director, on behalf of the director; engaged in the numerical control and laser processing technologyresearch and teaching work; teaching undergraduate and graduate courses "machine tool hydraulic transmission", "manufacturing automation system".

ince 2000, Professor, School of mechanical science and engineering,Huazhong University of Science and Technology and served as director of the Department of automation equipment and technology.

Selected Publications

Representative works

1, China Mechanical Design Canon, tenth pieces of electromechanical integration design [M]. Nanchang: Jiangxi science and Technology Press,2002.1 (co-author);

2, Bin Hongzan, Tang Yangping. Advanced processing technology [M]. Wuhan: Huazhong University of Science and Technology press, 2009.9;

3, mechanical processing technology division Handbook [M]. Beijing: Mechanical Industry Press, 2010.5 (co-author);

4, Tang Yangping. Technology of [M] equipment of mechanical manufacturing. Wuhan: Huazhong University of Science and Technology press, 2014.12

Representative paper

1、Junming, Wang;Yangping, Tang; Renzhen Ye;Hongzan, Bin Research on elliptical groove grinding for plunging constant velocity joint with basin grinding wheel.The International Journalof Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 2009,41(5):481-486.(SCI)

2、Junming, Wang; Renzhen Ye;Yangping, Tang; Hongzan, Bin Research on the technology for outer race elliptical groove grinding with basin-like grinding wheel.The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology,(SCI)

3, Wang Junming, Tang Yangping, Bing hongzan, etc.. Grinding of elliptical raceway basin like grinding wheel is studied. China mechanical engineering,2008 (1): 31-33. (EI)

4, Tang Yangping, Zhang Zhenfeng, Feng Qingxiu. Automatic scanning system based on PLC micro CT Mechanical & Electrical Engineering in 2010 09 period.

Awards and Honors

1, "XZ9 CNC of crankshaft main journal Grinder" by Hubei province science and technology progress award;

2, "the computer control of exhaust pipe and a suction pipe automatic pipe processing machine" by Hubei province science and technology progress prize three;

3, "two coordinate NC laser processing machine" by the Ministry of education,science and technology progress prize three;

4, "laser cutting technology and CNC laser cutting machine" by Hubei provincescience and technology progress prize two;

5, "laser processing complete sets of key technology and system" by Hubei province science and technology progress award;

6, the "automobile gearbox double gear laser welding production line" by the Ministry of education, science and technology progress prize three;

7, "high power laser cutting, welding and cutting and welding combined machining technology and equipment" was awarded the two national science and technology progress award.

Courses Taught

Undergraduate course 1, technology and equipment 2, equipment of mechanical manufacturing technology

The postgraduate course 1, modern manufacturing process technology 2, mechanical and electrical integration control technology and system


1, the automobile engine crankshaft main journal and connecting rod neck grinding technology and equipment;

2, laser cutting, welding and surface treatment technology and numerical control equipment;

3, mechanical and electrical integration system for high intensity focused ultrasound knife;

4, Complete sets of equipment and technology of Johnson screen precision molding, CNC welding;

5, The technology and equipment of precision of NC rack shaper and the gear grinding;

6, Micro CT technology and equipment application to biology;

7, machinery manufacturing and Mechatronics professional series of teaching experimental equipment Patent

8, sheet metal laser cutting and welding equipment, patent No.: CN2605955,

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