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Academic Areas: 1) Product Design and Design Education; 2) Interactive Design and Interface Design; 3) User Experience Research And Design; 4) Strategic design In Product Design.

Dr. LEI Tian graduated from Zhejiang University in 2008, majoring in digital art and design. He joined the Department of Industrial Design of Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 2008.

His academic area is mainly focused on Strategic Design, User Experience Research, Interactive Design, Information Visualization and Design Education, and has published papers on some important international conferences about HCI and journals, such as “Research on the Industrial Design Education’s Innovation and Practice Based on the Design Studio”,” Influencing Mechanism of Apparent Space Dimensions on Interface Aesthetics and Apparent Usability”, and “Gestures--the Reformer of the User’s Mental Model in Mobile HCI”.

He has guided students to win some very famous international design awards, for example, “German IF Design Awards”, “German Red Dot Award”, and “Seoul International Industrial Design Competition Award”.

He and his design team have made a lot design projects with some famous innovative companies and institutes, such as “Sanjiang Group of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Raycus Co.,Ltd”,”Wuhan Huagong Laser Engineering Co.,Ltd”, and ”Committee of 3551 Talent Schema, Optics Valley of China”.

He and his teaching team have obtained many honors, such as “the second prize of Teaching Achievement Award of Hubei province in 2012”, “the first prize of Teaching Achievement Award of HUST in 2012”, and “the second prize of HUST Teaching Competition in 2012”.

Academic Degrees

Sep.1,1997-Jun.30, 2001 School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Wuhan University of Technology Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering

Sep.1,2001-Jan. 30,2004 School of Art and Design, Wuhan University of Technology Master’s Degree in Arts

Feb.14,2004-Jun.30,2008 College of Computer Science and Technology, Zhejiang University Doctor’s Degree in Engineering

Professional Experience

Jul.1,2008-Now, Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

Jul.7,2012-Oct.30, 2012, Visiting Scholar at National University of Singapore.

Selected Publications

1.Lei Tian, Xiong Luyao, Liu Xu, Cao Ying and Liu Dongyuan. Gestures: The Reformer of the User's Mental Model in Mobile HCI, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer-Verlag GmbH Berlin Heidelberg Press, Vol. 8518, pp586-597,2014.

2.Liu Dongyuan, Lei Tian, and Cao Ying. A Case Study Of The Application Of Cores And Paths In Financial Web Design Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer-Verlag Press, Vol. 8527, pp549-558,2014.

3.Cao Ying, Lei Tian and Wu Xun. Research on Behavioral Semanteme Form Based on Early Education Products, Communications in Computer and Information Science, Springer-Verlag Press, Vol.0434, pp134-138,2014.

4.Lei Tian, Wei Shuaili, and Li Chunfu. Research on the Industrial Design Education’s Innovation and Practice Based on the Design Studio, 2012 Proceedings of Cross-border and Integrated Design, Chinese Academy of Fine Arts Publishing House,pp379-383, 2012.

5.Lei Tian, Zhou Yinbing, Li Xiang, and Chen Xiaoli. Influencing Mechanism of Apparent Space Dimensions on Interface Aesthetics and Apparent Usability. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS), Springer-Verlag GmbH Berlin Heidelberg Press, p588-597, 2011.

6.Lei Tian. Beyond the User Experience—Research for User's Emotional Reaction in Search Engine Design. Chaoyang University of Technology in Taiwan, 2009.

7.Lei Tian, Wei Shuaili, and Wu Xun. The Development and Practice of Strategic Design in Industrial Design Teaching. Journal of Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Vol.37 Sup, p328-332,2013.

8.Lei Tian. Aesthetic User Experience and Apparent Space Dimensions. Proceedings of the 2010 11th IEEE CAID&CD, 2010.

9.Lei Tian And Xi Guang. User’s Emotional Reaction in Search Engine Website. Proceedings of the 2011 12th IEEE CAID&CD, IEEE PRESS, 2011.

10.Lei Tian, Wang Yuhui, and Long Jinxing. The Equipment's Innovation Design Based on the Ant Colony Optimization. Proceedings of the 2011 12th IEEE CAID&CD, 2011.

11.Tian Lei and Shuaili Wei. An Exploration of Relations Between Culture Image and User Experience of Gesture Interaction. The Sixth International Conference on Advances in Human oriented and Personalized Mechanisms, Technologies, and Service,CENTRIC 2013, October 27-November 1, 2013.

12. Xu Liu, Tian Lei, Tianjian Chen and Shuaili Wei. A Study on the Industrial Design of Machine Tools Based on the Kansei Engineering Methods,2013 The 2nd International Conference On Industrial Design And Mechanics Power (ICIDMP2013)/Applied Mechanics and Materials,Vol. 437, pp 914-917,2013.

Awards and Honors

1.Win the second prize of Teaching Achievement Award of Hubei province in 2012 (ranking second).

2.Win the first prize of Teaching Achievement Award of HUST in 2012 (ranking second).

3.Win the second prize of HUST Teaching Competition in 2012.

4.Guide a student to obtain the Outstanding Bachelor Dissertation Prize in Hubei province , and win the first prize of Outstanding Graduate Design in HUST in 2012.

5.Guide students to win two German IF Design Awards ( ranking 11th and 19th respectively) in 2012.

6.Guide students to win German Red Dot Award once.

7.Guide students to win the 3rd prize of Seoul International Industrial Design Competition.

8.Guide students to get the 3rd prize and the excellence prize in "zhenhai" Cup International Industrial Design Competition, and also obtain its Outstanding Organization Award.

9. Guide students to win the excellence prize in the 12th National University Students Master Designer Award.

Courses Taught

1.Product Design 1 (Undergraduate Course).

2.Strategic Design (Undergraduate Course).

3.User Research (Undergraduate Course).

4.Interactive Design (Undergraduate Course).

5.Information Architecture (Undergraduate Course).

6.User Research And Experience Design (Graduate Course).

7.Information Visualization (Graduate Course).


  1. The program of the innovative experimental zone for talent training model in art and design based on projects and technology platforms (the ministry of education of the people's republic of china, 2009).
  2. The research for the industrial design teaching and the curriculum system of national university of Singapore  (the undergraduate collaborative planning of HUST).
  3. The program of course construction of product design Ⅰ (the undergraduate collaborative planning of HUST in international curriculums).
  4. Product design basis (the program of teaching quality and quality textbooks of HUST).
  5. The research for user’s cognitive models about the perceptual image in product innovative design(the program of talent foundation of HUST). 
  6. The research for the interactive patterns and interactive forms in digital media’s HCI (the program of independent innovation fund of HUST).
  7. The research for the basic form of semantics in design and art studies (the program of independent innovation fund of HUST).
  8. The study of design trends in information visualization(the program of independent innovation fund of HUST).
  9. Industrial design of Raycus laser devices, Sanjiang Group of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation.
  10. Design and Software development of Nanchang Siriuspower Tech 3D online car sales system and modification.
  11. Industrial design of laser device.
  12. Industrial design of host device. 
  13. Identification and brand image design of Wuhan Huagong Laser Engineering Co.,Ltd.
  14. Brand design of kunshan Yudao Co.,Ltd.
  15. Industrial design of special machine of Wuxi Guosheng Co.,Ltd.
  16. Website design and CI design of Dongguan International Plastic City. 
  17. Website design of 3551 Talent Schema, Optics Valley of China.
  18. Series poster design of 3551 Talent Schema of Optics Valley of China in the 11th International Optoelectronic Exposition and Forum.   
  19. Series poster design of 3551 Talent Schema of Optics Valley of China in 2014 China College Stuednts’ Entrepreneurship Competition.
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