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Academic Areas: Optical measurement

Prof. zhao graduated from zhejiang university with a bachelor's degree in 1984, graduated from Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences with a master's degree in 1987,and graduated from Huazhong University of science and technology with a doctor's degree in 1997. Since then he has been working in the field of optical precision measurement. he researched on the laser triangulation rangefinder which can be widely used in industry for Non contact measurement of geometric parameter. A relevant laser thickness gauge has been developed which can be used in Strip production line such as sheet metal, Galvanized sheet and Cell membrane Plating line. Prof Zhao Put forward the application of non-diffraction beam technology in the field of optical measurement. By using the geometric center of the circular spot ring instead of the ordinary spot energy center, the accuracy of the spot center is improved Greatly. This has become a  basic optical precise measuring method which has been realized in straightness measurement, imaging for large depth of field, Space attitude angle and Space coordinate measurement. Prof. zhao taught Undergraduate course “Laser measurement technology and instruments” and graduate course “Photoelectric detection technology”

Academic Degrees

1980/09-1984/06: Zhejiang Univ. Dept. of Opt. Instru. Eng. Bachelor

1984/09-1987/06 Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences Master

1992/09-1995/06 Huazhong University of science and technology Doctor

Professional Experience

1.Asistant Professor (1987/09– 1990/04); Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

2.Asistant Professor (1990/04– 1992/03); Applied Physics Research Institute of Jiangxi Academy of Sciences.

3.Visiting scholar (1996/02– 1996/05); Department of mechanical engineering of Hong Kong University Science & Technology.

4.Visiting scholar (1998/03– 1999/09); Hong Kong Polytech University Department of manufacturing engineering optical center.

5.Professor (1997/09–now); Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

Selected Publications

1.Diffraction property of an axicon in oblique illumination, Applied Optics, 1998,V37, N13, p2563

2.Digital moiré fringe scanning method for centering of circular fringe image,APPLIED OPTICS, 10 May 2004, Vol.43, No.14, 2833.

3.The Focus Diffraction Property of Axicon illuminated by Inclined Plane Wave, ACTA OPTICA SINICA,1999,19,3,299

4.Transformation of Non-Diffracting Beams by a Telescope System, ACTA OPTICA SINICA,1998,18,6,707

5.Design ,manufacture and experiment of Axilens, LASER TECHNOLOGY,2000,3,218

6.Digital Moiré fringe scanning method for centering ring grating images,Optics and Precision Engineering,2002,1,19

7.Principle and Experimental Re search on Spatial Straightness Measurement by Means of Non-diffracting Beam and Moiré Fringe,ACTA  METROLOGICA SINICA,2002,2,1

8.Instrument for Straightness Measurement using Non-diffracting Beam and Moiré fringe,Chinese Journal of scientific instrument,2003,1,75

9.Theory and Experiments of Coaxial Di-Nondiffracting Beam,ACTA OPTICA SINICA,2003,12,1460

Selected Cases

Undergraduate course “Laser measurement technology and instruments” 

Graduate course “Photoelectric detection technology”

Courses Taught

Undergraduate course “Laser measurement technology and instruments”

Graduate course “Photoelectric detection technology”


1.Research on theTheory and technology of Surface roughness measurement by nondiffracting beam (national natural science foundation59675080) 

2.Research on theTheory and technology of two dimentional straightness measurement by nondiffracting beam (national natural science foundation 59805006) 

3.Research on theTheory and experiment ofMicroscopic imaging by nondiffracting beam filtering(national natural science foundation 30470489)

4.Measurement of Position and attitude of TBM system and automatic Guide(973 project,2007CB714005)

5.State sensing in the process of hard rock excavation(973 project,2013CB035405)

6.A method of phase laser ranging device,CN201110026715.0

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