Phone: 13071265596

Email: liuyh@mail.hust.edu.cn

Academic Areas: 3D Model lightweight, 3D visualization, CAD modeling

His research focus in computer aided design, CAD modeling, CAD lightweight visualization. Since 2003, he has developed a 3d visualization system and has been used in lots of industry.

Academic Degrees

Sep.1991- Jul.1995 Harbin Engineering University Bachelor of Engineering

Sep.1995- Jun.2001 Huazhong University of Science and Technology(HUST) Doctor of Engineering

Professional Experience

Jul. 2003 –Now: work in Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Selected Publications

1.LIU Yun-hua,LIU Wei , heterogeneous platform unified platform lightweight assembly expression, Computer Engineering & Science, 2014

2.Liu yun-hua, li bo Realizing complex engineering drawings data extraction based on minimum well-defined sets Computer Engineering and Design, 2012

3.LIU Yunhua HE Miao LUO Nianmeng ,Reserch of Undo/Redo operations in CAX systems Computer Engineering and Applications ,2012

4.LIU Yun-huaLIU Tian-bing Research of a Parametric Rapid Design System for the Combined Structural Sections, Computer Engineering and Science 2011

5.LIU Yun-hua, ZHAO Wei, Research and Implementation of animation of mechanic product model automatic assembly. MACHINERY DESIGN & MANUFACTURE 2007

6.Liu Yunhua Liu Jun Chen Lipin Research and implementation of 3D assembly animate based on B/S structure JOURNAL OF HUAZHONG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY(NATURE SCIENCE) 2006

7.Liu Yunhua Liu Jun Chen Liping Lightweight Representation for 3D Product Model JOURNAL OF COMPUTER-AIDED DESIGN & COMPUTER GRAPHICS 2006

8.Liu yunhua,chen lipin,zhong yifang Research on Fillet Feature Recognition JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING GRAPHICS 2004

9.Liu yunhua,chen lipin,zhong yifang Study on Feature Recognition of Engineering Drawing forVariant Design ,CHINA MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 2003

10.Liu yunhua,chen lipin,zhong yifang Exchange Feature Information of Heterogeneous CAD Systems by Design History CHINA MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 2003

11.Liu yunhua,chen lipin,zhong yifang ,Research on Integrated Information System and Key Issues for Production Preparation of Mass Customization COMPUTER ENGINEERING AND APPLICATIONS 2003

12.Liu yunhua,chen lipin,zhong yifang Reconstruction of Design Feature Model From Geometric Entities JOURNAL OF COMPUTER-AIDED DESIGN & COMPUTER GRAPHICS 2003


14.Liu yunhua,chen lipin,zhong yifang Multi-Interpretations of Machining Feature Model Based on Feature-Hint CHINESE JOURNAL OF COMPUTERS 2000

Courses Taught

“Mechanical engineering training” : undergraduate course;

“Computational Methods” : undergraduate course;

“ Computer Graphics and CAD technology”:undergraduate course

“Computer Geometry and Algorithm design”:graduate course;


1.National 863 of china popularization and application of CAPP face to auto industry ,2007

2.Research on system integration for product lifecycle management. Foucus on 3d visualization ,2005

3.National Natural Science Foundation of China: Research on CAD model compress for develop Collaboration and transmission,2008

4.Lightweight Collaboration design platform for Complex product. 2014

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