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Academic Areas: Integrated Optimization of Manufacturing System, Sustainable Manufacturing,Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Qiong Liu is a professor of the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing System Engineering, School of Mechanical Science and Engineering. She is a member of State Key Laboratory of Digital Manufacturing and Equipment Technology, and State Engineering Research Center of Digital Manufacturing and Equipment.

Professor Liu's research is focused primarily on low carbon manufacturing, optimization of manufacturing system, reverse logistics. Specific initiatives that she has pursued include: promoting low carbon emission for manufacturing system by integrated optimization scheduling, process planning, cutting parameters, material transportations and reverse logistics, investigating more accurate carbon footprint calculation method for products in mixed model manufacturing system, developing extended MES to capture carbon related data in manufacturing system. She has published in the areas of production scheduling, layout, order-transportation problem, project scheduling problem, reverse logistics network design and resource allocation etc..

Academic Degrees

Sept. 1981-July 1985 Huazhong University of Science and Technology B.S. in Mechanical Engineering

Sept. 1987-May 1990 Huazhong University of Science and Technology M.S. in Mechanical Engineering

Sept.1996-May 1999 Huazhong University of Science and Technology Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering

Professional Experience

Jan. 2014- present: Professor, School of Mechanical Science and Engineering, State Key Laboratory of Digital Manufacturing and Equipment Technology, State Engineering Research Center of Digital Manufacturing and Equipment HUST. 

Jun. 2013 –Jan. 2014:Senior Visiting Fellow, Purdue University.

Nov. 2010-Jun. 2013:Professor, School of Mechanical Science and Engineering, State Key Laboratory of Digital Manufacturing and Equipment Technology, State Engineering Research Center of Digital Manufacturing and Equipment, HUST.

Sept. 2005- Nov.2010:  Associate Professor, Vice Dean, Dept. of Industrial and Manufacturing System Engineering and Network and Virtual Manufacturing Research Center, School of Mechanical Science and Engineering, HUST. 

Sept. 2004-Sept. 2005: Visiting Scholar, Cambridge University, UK. 

June.2000-Sept.2004: Associate Professor, Vice Dean, Dept. of Industrial and Manufacturing System Engineering and Network and Virtual Manufacturing Research Center, School of Mechanical Science and Engineering, HUST. 

Dec. 1999-June 2000: Lecturer, School of Mechanical Science and Engineering, HUST.

May 1990-Sept. 1996: Lecturer, Department of Marine and Oceanographic Engineering, HUST.

July 1985-Sept. 1987: Engineer, Chengdu Manufacturing Corp. for Auto Maintaining and Repairing Equipment. 

Selected Publications

1.Liu, Q, Zhang, CY, Zhu, KR, Rao, YQ. Novel multi-objective resource allocation and activity scheduling for fourth party logistics. COMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH, 2014.44:42-51

2.Qiong Liu, Wen-xi Wang, Ke-ren Zhu, Chao-yong Zhang, Yun-qing Rao. Advanced Scatter Search Approach and its Application in Sequencing Problem of Mixed Model Assembly Lines in a Case Company. Engineering Optimization, 2014.11 (46): 1485–1500

3.Qiong Liu & Saif Ullah & Chaoyong Zhang. An improved genetic algorithm for robust permutation flowshop scheduling. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 2011, 56(1-4): 345-354.

4.Shao Xinyu, Liu Weiqi, Liu qiong, Zhang Chaoyong. Hybrid discrete particle swarm optimization for multi-objective flexible job-shop scheduling problem. The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 2013, 67:2885–2901.

5.Qiong Liu & Yong Jiang Shi. Gird Manufacturing: A New Solution for Cross-Enterprise Collaboration. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 2008,36:205–212.

6.LIU Qiong, FAN Zheng-wei, ZHANG Chao-yong et al. Mixed Model Assembly Line Sequencing Based on Multi-Objective Cat Swarm Optimization. Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems. 2014.2(20):333-342

7.LIU Qiong, FAN Zheng-wei, ZHANG Chao-yong et al. Resequencing Problem of Mixed Model Assembly Line Cased by Material Unkitting. Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems.2014.7(20):1608-1614

8.LIU Qiong, XU Jin-hui, ZHANG Chao-yong. Robust Layout of Floor Shop Based on Improved Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm. Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems. 2014.8(20):1879-1886

9.LIU Qiong, XU Jin-hui, ZHANG Chao-yong, LI Jun. Multi-Cycle Order-Transportation Integrated Optimization Algorithm for Split Delivery. Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems. 2013.10(19):2599-2606

10.LIU Qiong, LIN Kui, ZHANG Chao-yong, ZHU Hai-ping. Multi-project robust scheduling based on critical chain. Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems, 2012,18(4):814-820.

Awards and Honors

1 Elaborate Course of HUST, 2007: Logistics System Management.

2 Excellent Teaching Quality Award of HUST in 2008, 2007 and 1997 respectively.

3 Second Prize of Science and Technology Progress of the Chinese Shipping Industry General Corporation, 1996: Intelligent Underwater Manipulator System of Multi-Sensor Fusion.

4 Third Prize of Science and Technology Progress of the Chinese Education Committee, 1997:Two Kinds of Remote Control Underwater Manipulators  

5 Second Prize of Excellent Teaching Achievement of HUST, 1998.

6 Third Prize of the 4th Teaching Competition of Young Teachers of HUST in 1997.

7 Excellent Doctoral Dissertation of HUST, 2001: Tooth Flank Modeling, Designing and Virtual Testing of Plunge Shaving Cutter.

Courses Taught

For Undergraduates: 

Logistics System Management 

Production Management 

Experiments on Logistics and Production System

For Graduates:

Logistics System Analysis


Current Research Projects:

l Jan. 2013-Dec.2016: National Natural Science Foundation of China(Grant NO. 51275190): “Optimized Scheduling Theories, Algorithms and Applications on Stability and Robustness of Mechanical Manufacturing System based on Real-time Feedbacks”.

l Jan. 2011-Dec. 2014: State Key Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 51035001): “Optimization Theory and Key Technology for high efficiency and low carbon operation of discrete manufacturing system”.

l 2013-2014:The Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities, (HUST: 2013ZZGH002): “Extended MES Based Carbon Footprint Calculation and Optimization for Product in Mixed Model Manufacturing Processes”


Finished Research Projects:

  • 2010-2011: Special fund of State Key Lab of Digital Manufacturing Equipment: “Multi-objective Scheduling Problems and Lead Time Optimization for Multi-order Management of Automotive Assembly production based on Critical Chain”.
  • 2008-2010: National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant NO.50705036): “Performance Prediction and Execution Strategy of Job Shop under Uncertain Information”.
  • 2007-2010: National High-Tech Research and Development Program of China (Grant NO. 2007AA04Z190):“Manufacturing Management for Rapid Response to Customer demands”. 


Patents and Software Copyright Registration

1 Chinese invention patent: An Automatically Materials Feeding Equipment Used for Mixed Mode Assembly Line, ZL 2009 1 0060430.1, March 2013.  

2 Chinese invention patent: An Intelligent Materiel Shelf with Visualization Monitoring Function for Mixed Mode Assembly Line, ZL 2008 1 0048278.0, June, 2010.

3 Chinese software copyright registration:  A Critical Chain Based Multi-order Management System, 2009SR060920, December, 2009. 

4 Chinese software copyright registration: A Components Scheduling System Based on Mixed Mode Flow Path Design, 2009SR049212, October, 2009.

5 Chinese software copyright registration: A Workshop Scheduling System Integrated with Process Planning, 2010SR002129, January, 2010

6 Chinese software copyright registration: A Material Management System for Assembly Workshops, 2008SR23788, October,2008 


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