The International Students Freshman Exchange Meeting Held in MSE
Author:Zhu Xinge Edit:Gan Huijie,Wu Yangtian       Release time:Nov 6, 2018       click:

On the morning of November 1, 2018, the International Students Freshman Exchange Meeting was held at A402, east building of School of Mechanical Science and Engineering. Vice President Wang Shuting and Zhang Fen, international students’ teachers Guo Jiajie and Liu Shiping, students’ supervisors Liu Qiong, Wang Junfeng, and Hu Pengcheng attended the meeting. Gan Huijie, the director of the office of discipline and internationalization, hosted the meeting.

On behalf of the faculty and students, Zhang fen warmly welcomed the new students to join our school. She introduced the achievements of our school in faculty, teaching and scientific research. She hopes that all the freshmen will achieve excellent academic performance and enjoy the pleasant campus time in the future life.

Wang Shuting introduced the teaching situation, including undergraduate course system and practice, postgraduate training system, international exchange programs, etc. He emphasized that our school is student-centered, competency-oriented, conforming to the needs of the industry, cultivates innovative practical talents, and creates first-class school ideas and education concept with first-class education teaching.


The teachers presented at the meeting respectively put forward specific requirements and suggestions for students on studying planning, studying methods and merging into Chinese culture. The teachers required the international students to cherish the precious learning opportunities, form good habits of work and rest, communicate with their tutors and classmates frequently, study hard and serve their own country in the future and promote the communication between China and foreign countries.


The students introduced themselves in either Chinese or English and communicated with each other about their studies, academic life and academic planning.


Before the meeting, all the freshmen visited the school history museum and had a comprehensive understanding of the school development history and educational philosophy.


Our school will organize and plan a series of academic, cultural and extracurricular activities for overseas students to help them adapt to learning as soon as possible.


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