Prof. Zhang Yunqing Honored with International SAE Forest R. McFarland Award
Author:Duan Yupeng Edit:Liao Liangmin,Wu Yangtian       Release time:Apr 28, 2019       click:

On April 9th EDT, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) World Congress was held in Detroit, Michigan. Prof. Zhang Yunqing of CAD, MSE received the SAE Forest R. McFarland Award. 19 people were elected as winner of the award, while Prof. Zhang was the only one from China.

Prof. Zhang is now a member of the SAE Material modeling and Experimental Technique Committee, whose major is in fields like vehicle system dynamics, multi-body dynamics, mechanical design and theory, uncertainty analysis and optimization. At the congress, Prof. Zhang was invited to give a keynote speech entitled “Technical Keynote: Vehicle Suspension Kinematics/Compliance Facility and Suspension Parameter Identification”.

SAE International is a technical association of more than 145,000 engineers and related technical experts in the aerospace, automotive, and commercial-vehicle industries. SAE is a significant academic association in industries of automobiles, aviation and navigation not only in the US but also in the world. It is also one of the world’s important resources of technical information in these areas. With a huge database, SAE presented and published a lot of standards, technical reports, books and special publications. Every year in Detroit, SAE  holds many academic conferences and automobile exhibitions for academic exchange and scientific and technological achievements exhibition.

Established in 1979, the Forest R. McFarland award  is administered by the board and honors the late Forest R. McFarland, who was himself an outstanding session organizer, a chairman of the Passenger Car Activity and a member of the board. It recognizes individuals for their outstanding contributions toward the work of the automotive society's Engineering Meetings Board in the planning, development, and dissemination of technical information through technical meetings, conferences, and professional development programs or outstanding contributions to its operations in facilitating or enhancing the interchanges of technical information.

At the congress, Prof. Zhang’s team also gave the following presentations:

  • Optimization of damped gear of a 3-cylinder engine balancing shaft system for reducing gear rattle

  • Multi-objective optimization of double wishbone air suspension elastomeric bushing for buses

  • A physical-based light trucks model for the analysis of on-center handling characteristics

  • Design and optimization of a trailing leaf spring air suspension for heavy-duty truck

  • Combined effect of joint clearance and link’s flexibility on the dynamic response of slider-crank mechanism

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