Students from MSE Won the First Prize in the 16th “Challenge Cup" Competition
Author:Nong Lin Huhu, Hu Tao Edit:Liao Liangmin, Wu Yangtian       Release time:Nov 14, 2019       click:

From November 7th to 13th, the final of the 16th “Challenge Cup" College Students Extracurricular Academic Technical Work Competition was held in Beijing. The competition was jointly organized by the Central Committee of the Communist Young League, China Association for Science and Technology, Ministry of Education, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, National Students’ Federation and Beijing Municipal Government. Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics undertook the competition. The team made up by 5 students of MSE and 2 students from other school of HUST won the First Prize.

(Photo/China Daily)

Under the guidance of MSE teachers Prof. Huang Yong'an and Associate Prof. Zhang Li, the team finished the work "Distributed Myoelectricity Collection Flexible Electronic Skin". By this work, people will be able to develop a large scale ultra-thin flexible electronic skin that can be attached on our epidermis, so as to collect distributed signals of myoelectricities. This technology has been used in fields like prosthesis control, gesture recognition and health monitoring.

The team's participation in the competition got the support and help from MSE leaders and teachers. What's more, they were also subsidized by the Qihang Foundation of MSE postgraduate alumni of the year 1990.

This is the 30th year that the competition was held. Since its initiation this year, over 3 million students from 1573 universities and colleges took part in the competition of school level, so the competition was honored as the Olympic Games of scientific innovation for college students. After the unremitting efforts of guide teachers and team members, MSE's work won the First Prize over the 1212 works from universities and colleges of the whole nation, showing the STAR Spirit of MSE.

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