The State Key Laboratory of Digital Manufacturing Equipment and Technology Held the 10th Summer Seminar
Author:the State Key Laboratory of Digital Manufacturing Equipment and Technology Edit:Liao Liangmin, Wu Yangtian       Release time:Aug 27, 2020       click:

On the morning of August 19, the 10th Summer Seminar--"Medicine-engineering Interdisciplinary Research in Advanced Manufacturing" was held in MSE. The seminar was sponsored by the State Key Laboratory of Digital Manufacturing Equipment and Technology and co-organized by MSE, which aimed to provide a platform for domestic and foreign scholars to exchange academic ideas, promote cooperation and innovation, as well as the deep integration of medical field and engineering science and technology, thus providing an opportunity for the development of human-centered mechatronics. Due to the epidemic prevention and control, the seminar was held both online and on site. MSE graduate students took part in the seminar in the Academic Report Hall, and academic communication carried out through online live lectures.

Prof. Yin Zhouping, Director of the State Key Laboratory, addressed the welcome speech and introduced the State Key Laboratory and the previous seminars. Prof. Xu Jianfeng chaired the opening ceremony.


Four professors were invited to give online academic reports at the seminar. They were Prof. Max Donelan of Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Prof. Bram vanderbergt of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Prof. Ren Qiushi of Peking University and Prof. Du Zhijiang of Harbin Institute of Technology. The reports were respectively presided over by Prof. Xiong Caihua, Prof. Xu Jianfeng and Prof. Tao Bo of MSE.



More than 60 graduate students participated in the offline courses, and more than 3000 students watched the live broadcast of each report. The informative content of the reports and the warm interaction among experts and students enriched the knowledge structure of the students and expanded their research vision.

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