Prof. Huang Yongan of MSE Won the 2020 XPLORE PRIZE
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On September 25, the list of winners of the 2020 XPLORE PRIZE was finally published. 50 young scientists won the prize. Prof. Huang Yongan of MSE, with his research on "Mechanically adaptive smart sensing skin for morphing aircraft", won a prize in the field "Advanced Manufacturing". Prof. Huang was the only winner of HUST this year, and also the second one of MSE to won the prize after Prof. Gao Liang won the first XPLORE PRIZE in 2019.

Prof. Huang has been engaged in the research of flexible electronics design, manufacturing and application. He has made a series of achievements under the grant of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars and Key Projects of NSFC. He has published more than 90 papers on journals such as Science Advances and Advanced Materials, etc., including 10 cover/back cover papers. Also Prof. Huang has published 3 works on flexible electronics, and has had over 60 authorized patents for inventions. He also won a First Prize of the Hubei Provincial Award for Natural Sciences, and a Gold Medal with the congratulations of the jury of the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions.

The awarding ceremony of the 2020 XPLORE PRIZE will be held in Beijing on November 14. Besides the 50 winners, lots of scientist representatives at home and abroad will be presented at the ceremony to witness the moment of glory.

As the first public welfare program for science and technology achievements set by an internet-based company, the XPLORE PRIZE was initiated in 2018 by Mr. Ma Huateng and renowned scientists such as Rao Yi, Yang Zhenning, Shi Yigong and Pan Jianwei. The prize aimed at supporting young scientific and technical workers under 45 who work in mainland China and Hong Kong & Macao in basic sciences and cutting-edge technologies. Each year, 50 scientists would be elected as winners. There were in total over 1200 applicants for the 2020 XPLORE PRIZE. After 4 rounds of review, the final list of winners was determined, with the ratio of applicants to winners 25 to 1.

This year, more than 800 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering participated in the nomination, recommendation and evaluation of the prize. 13 winners of Nobel Prize, Turing Award and Fields Medal, as well as more than 100 academicians from developed countries participated in the process of nomination and recommendation, which was a big increase in amount compared with that in 2019.

The name list of winners is attached:

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