The 14th International Conference on Frontiers of Design and Manufacture Successfully Held in Xi’an, China
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From September 11 to 13, the 14th International Conference on Frontiers of Design and Manufacture (ICFDM2020) was held in Xi’an, China. ICFDM is biyearly held by National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and Shien-Ming Wu Foundation of USA. Since 1994, ICFDM has become an important platform to exhibit projects which have been conducted or finished excellently with the support from Mechanical Engineering Division, Department of Engineering & Materials Sciences, NSFC. It is one of the most authentic, the largest and the most influential academic conferences in domestic mechanical engineering field. ICFDM2020 was sponsored by Xi’an Jiaotong University, in Xi’an, China. On the theme of “Basis· Frontier· Exploration· Innovation”, the conference covered research topics about frontiers of mechanical design and manufacturing, and discussed the mid-long term development strategy of the discipline.

On the morning of September 12, the conference opening ceremony was held, which was presided over by Academician Shao Xinyu, Chair of ICFDM Steering Committee. Academician Guo Dongming gave the welcome speech, and Academician Yang Guangzhong, Prof. Joe McGeough, Prof. Frank W. Gayle and Academician Ding Han respectively gave an invited talk. Academician Ding Han, in his plenary speech “The Mid-long Term Planning Strategy Report of the Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Discipline”, elaborated the strategic position and great demands of the manufacturing industry, indicating that manufacturing was the foundation of building the country, the road of rejuvenating the country, and the root of making the country rich and powerful. Ding also illustrated his thoughts on the development plan of the next 5 to 15 years for mechanical discipline, the layout of 12 fields and the 3 key layouts for the national strategic demands.

From the afternoon of September 12 to the morning of September 13, the conference set up 8 sessions, gathering experts, scholars and young talents led by academicians, and had more than 150 academic reports, including invited talks of academicians, presentations about finished NSFC projects, report of mid-long term development strategy research, and oral presentations of accepted conference papers. Among them, Prof. Yin Zhouping of MSE was invited to give the report titled “Micro-nano Manufacturing Science and Technology”. MSE Prof. Chen Xuedong, Prof. Chen Rong and Associate Prof. Li Li were respectively invited to give presentations about finished NSFC projects. MSE Prof. Wu Hao and doctoral student Jiang Yu were respectively invited to give oral presentations of conference papers.

Besides, the conference also had the salon for NSFC projects and poster exhibition for finished NSFC projects, providing a platform of communication and exhibition for the attending experts and scholars. At the salon, MSE Prof. Huang Yongan was invited to give the report about his experiences of applying for different projects of NSFC.

On the afternoon of September 13, the conference committee arranged a visit to the iHarbour Academy of Frontier Equipment (iAFE), and then held the Closing Ceremony of the conference at night. At the ceremony, Academician Shao Xinyu delivered a speech where he made an introduction of the previous conferences, and declared Shandong University won the Excellent Organization Award of the 13th ICFDM, and Xiamen University would hold the 16th ICFDM in 2024.

Under the organization of the Mechanical Engineering Division, NSFC, nearly 300 attending experts and scholars had a secret ballot for some finished projects of NSFC of 2019, which selected 10 excellent projects. ICFDM2020 also selected 150 conference papers and 61 of them were selected by experts to give oral presentations at the conference. After the evaluation and vote of the review panel, the conference selected 10 excellent papers. MSE Prof. Tao Bo won the “Excellent Finished Project Award of 2019” of the Mechanical Engineering Division, NSFC, and doctoral student Jiang Yu won the “Excellent Paper Award” of the conference.

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