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Academic Areas: Water hydraulic components of basic theory and application, the newtechnology of water jet propulsion, green fire protection technology

Mechanical engineer and entrepreneur, The lecturer in School of mechanical control of fluid power engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology. My research across the machinery manufacturing, fluid mechanics, friction, water jet and ship propulsion. I pay attention to the following question: how to choose the optimal material pairing reduces friction and wear? How to improve key parts of the life in seawater pump, and the corrosion resistance, cavitation damage caused by flow? The paper was published in various magazines, including machine tool & hydraulics, hydraulic and pneumatic, ocean engineering, Journal of mechanical engineering etc.. To undertake the task of teaching and editing work of teaching materials include the hydraulic and pneumatic transmission, fluid mechanics, water hydraulic transmission theory and application. In recent years I have 6 authorized patents, National Natural Science Fund Project 2, and so on.

Academic Degrees

1990.9-1994.7 Taiyuan: Taiyuan University of Technology Bachelor's degree

1994.9-1997.5 Wuhan:huazhong university of scince and technology Master's degree

2004.9-2012.6 Wuhan:huazhong university of scince and technology Ph.d

Professional Experience

1997.5 - 1999.8, worked at Kaimu software center of Huazhong University of science and technology,research on the application of CAD/CAPP/BOM/PDM software in mechanical;

1999.8-2004.8, Vice president of the Research Institute of Huazhong University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen, engaged in the promotion and application of research work.

Lecturer, Department of mechanical and electronic engineering Huazhong University of Science and Technology Institute of mechanical engineering, teaching and scientific research work from 2004.9

Selected Publications

[1]Liu Yinshui, Jiang Zhuo, Wang Dan, Li Xiaohui*. Experimental research on the water mist fire suppression performance in an enclosed space by changing the characteristics of nozzles, Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, 52 (2014) 174–181.

[2]Liu Yinshui, Wu Defa, Li Donglin, Zhao Xufeng, Li Xiaohui. Application of seawater hydraulic technology in deep sea in equipment,Journal of mechanical engineering, Vol. 50, No.2, pp28-35, 2014. Tang Xionghui, Li Xiaohui, Zhu YUquan. Design and Analysis on the Crankshaft Mechanical Processing of High-pressure Pump, Machine tool & hydraulics,Vol.40, No.8, pp88-90, 2012.

[3]Li Xiao-hui*, Zhu Yu-quan, Huang Guo-qin, Nie Song-lin, Research on reaction thrust characteristics of high-2ressure submerged water jet for cylinder nozzle, Journal of Chongqing University: English Edtion.Vol.8, No.1, pp63-69, 2009.

[4]Huang Guoqin*, Li Xiaohui, Zhu Yuquan. Experimental Study in Reaction Thrust Characteristics of Water Jet for Conical nozzle. China Ocean Engineering: English Edition, 12, pp669-678, 2009.

[5]Li Xiaohui, National Defense Science and Technology Research Report: submarinewater mist fire suppression Research Report,2011.3

[6]Li Xiaohui National Defense Science and Technology Research Report: water jet propulsion technology development report,2008.10

Courses Taught

undergraduate courses of "hydraulic transmission and pneumatic transmission", "fluid mechanics"

postgraduate course of "Water hydraulics basic theory and application"


Patent authorization:

(1) the sea / fresh water hydraulic axial piston pump, ZL 200510018718.4

(2) piston Distribution Sea / fresh water hydraulic axial piston pump, ZL 200810046625.6

(3) the tooling and fixture to used for processing  bending clinoaxis ZL200610125143.1

1. ‘The new concept of underwater small high-speed propulsion technology’

2. ‘Research on the basic theory of optimization design of the uncertainty ofthe pollution control of hydraulic system’

3. the national "863" project ’ Research on key technology of deep sea water hydraulic dynamic components ‘

4. ‘the high-speed underwater vehicle jet propulsion’

5. The Natural Science Foundation of China ‘ Research on the flow field characteristics and mechanical properties of  high pressure and large flow of water jet propulsion"