Yu Daoyuan



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Academic Areas: Machinery vibration and noise Computer application

Professor, Doctoral Tutor, Director of the Manufacturing System of Digital Manufacturing Equipment National Engineering Center ,who graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology with bachelor degree of Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation in 1977 and has been teaching in the university since master graduation. As the main worker, have ever undertook the National Science-technology Support Plan Project, National 863 Plan, National/Provincial Natural Science Foundation and about 15 Horizontal Scientific Research Items. Additionally, several National and Provincial prizes have been awarded,which included 2 Second Prizes in the "National Science and Technology Advancement Award", 3 First Prizes in the "Provincial-level Science and Technology Advancement Award". While teaching at the University,has published more than 80 academic articles and 5 are cited by SCI,obtained 12 national invention patents and supervised 12 phD students and 60 masters.

Academic Degrees

1978.2-1984.7 Huazhong University of Science and Technology Master Degree of Engineering

Professional Experience

1984.7—Present: Teach in the university after master graduation

Selected Publications

[1]X.Q.Zhou,D.Y.Yu,XinyuShao,S.Wang,Y.H.Tian.Band gap characteristics of periodically stiffened-thin-plate based on center-finite-difference-method. Thin-WalledStructures 2014;82:115-123.

[2] Wenwen Lin, D.Y. Yu, S. Wang, Chaoyong Zhang, Sanqiang Zhang, Huiyu Tian, Min Luod , Shengqiang Liue. Multi-objective teaching–learning-based optimization algorithm for reducing carbon emissions and operation time in turning operations. Engineering Optimization;2014;1-14.

[3] X.Q. Zhou a, D.Y. Yu , X.Y. Shao , S. Wang, Y.H. Tian. Asymptotic analysis on flexural dynamic characteristics for a sandwich plate with periodically perforated viscoelastic damping material core. Composite Structures 2015;119:487-504.

Awards and Honors

2 Second Prizes in the "National Science and Technology Advancement Award"

3 First Prizes in the "Provincial-level Science and Technology Advancement Award"

Courses Taught

Computer Integrated Manufacture System (for undergraduate and postgraduate)


1. 1 major project of National 863 Plan (Digital Management and Manufacturing Execution Systems)

2. 2 National Science-technology Support Plan Projects (the Collaborative Manufacturing Execution System by China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd and Lean management & control of digital demonstration about Vehicle and Powertrain Group's core business)

3. 2 key projects of National 863 Plan (Informational Loading Vehicles and Remote Monitoring & Diagnosing System for Large oil and gas pipeline valves )

4. 2 surface projects of National 863 Plan (Focused Ultrasound Parallel Robot & Control System and Multi-axis linkage post-processing ).

5. Automatic Loading and Unloading Systems for Microdrive assembly including High-speed visual positioning system.

6. The New Hydrogen Bell Furnace in energy efficiency and environmental protection.

7. Dynamic Analysis of Heavy-duty Machinery Tool of Jiangsu High Precision Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.

8. Automobile Manufacturing Execution System of Haima Automobile Group Co., Ltd.