Zhang Haiou



Phone: 027-87543493

Email: zholab@hust.edu.cn

Academic Areas: Metal, ceramics and FGM parts increasing materials manufacturing technology and equipment, new materials preparation, forming, processing integration technology and equipment, robot digital forming, fuel cell plasma melting manufacturing technology

Zhang Haiou was born in Jingjiang, Jiangsu Province. He received doctor’s degree from the University of Tokyo. He used to be the director of the Department of Material Processing, HUST, distinguished professor and doctoral advisor. Currently, he is the 2nd class full Prof. of HUST, leader of digital manufacturing process of the State key lab of Digital Manufacturing Equipment and Technology. He also serves as the managing director of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society Special Processing Branch, director of Manufacturing Automation Branch, director of Hubei Special Processing Society, reviewer of Rapid Prototyping Journal, Surface and coating technology, Journal of Materials Processing Technology and guest reviewer of China Mechanical Engineering.

His main research area is metal and FGM parts of the material manufacturing, the integration of new materials, forming processing integration, robot forming, fuel cell plasma melting manufacturing and other technical equipment, incremental manufacturing process computer simulation. He has presided over and finished more than 20 projects of the National Natural Science Foundation, 863, preload research, national defense pre-research. Cooperated with AECC Xi’An Aero Engine Ltd., AVIC Xi’An Aircraft Industry (Group) Company Ltd., China Shipbuilding Industry Company Ltd. 461, Dongfeng Motor Corporation, and Wuhan Iron and Steel (Group) Company, he has published more than 200 papers on core journals such as Journal of Applied Physics, Power sources, Thin Solid Films, Surface and coating technology, Rapid Prototyping Journal, Journal of Materials Processing and Science China.

Selected Publications

1. Zhang Haiou, Wang Guilan, Takeo Nakga :Rapid Hard Tooling by Plasma Spraying for Injection Molding and Sheet Metal Forming. Thin Solid Films, 390(2001) 7-12. (IF 1.942)

2. Chen Yanxiang, Wang Guilan, Zhang Haiou. Numerical Simulation of Coating Growth and Pore Formation in Rapid Plasma Spray Tooling, Thin Solid Films, 390(2001) 13-19. ( IF 1.942)

3. Guilan Wang,Y.Chen,H.Zhang:Effects of scanning path on the deposition process in rapid plasma spray  tooling: modeling by homogenization theory, Thin  Solid  Films,2003,vol. 435/1-2 , p124-130,  ( IF 1.942)

4. Haiou Zhang, Jipeng Xu, Fundamental Study on Plasma Deposition Manufacturing, Surface and Coating Technology, v.171 (1-3),2003, pp.112-118.   ( IF 1.678)

5. Haiou Zhang, Shengde Hu,Wang Guilan, Simulation of powder transportation in plasma jet via hydrid lattice Boltzmam method and probabilistic algorithm,Surface & Coatings Technology 201 (2006) 886-894  ( IF 1.678)

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11. Yunzhen Yang, Guilan Wang, Haiou Zhang, Weisheng Xia,Comparison of heat and mass transfer between planar and MOLB-type SOFCs,Journal of Power Sources, Volume 177, Issue 2, 1 March 2008, Pages 426-433   ( IF 3.856)

12. J.F. Sun, G.L. Wang, H.O. Zhang,FE analysis of frictional contact effect for laying wire rope,Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Volume 202, Issues 1-3,20 June 2008, Pages 170-178  (IF 1.402)

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14. Zhang, Haiou; Xia, Weisheng; An integrated investigation approach for coating temperature measurement and control during plasma spraying,Journal of Thermal Spray Technology\Jun-2008  ( IF 1.204)

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17. S.C. Wu, G.R. Liu, H.O. Zhang, G.Y. Zhang,A node-based smoothed point interpolation method (NS-PIM) for thermoelastic problems with solution bounds,International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer\Feb-2009 ( IF 2.370)

18. S.C. Wu, H.O. Zhang, Meshess analysis of the substrate temperature in plasma spraying process,International Journal of Thermal Sciences\April 2009 ( IF 1.713)

19. Weisheng Xia, Haiou Zhang, A novel integrated temperature investigation approach of sprayed coatings during APS process,Journal of Materials Processing Technology\Mar-2009 ( IF 1.402)

20. Xiong,Xinhong;Zhang,Haiou;Metal direct prototyping by using hybrid plasma deposition and milling,Journal of Materials Processing Technology\J an-2009  ( IF 1.402)

Awards and Honors

Japan Mold Technology Association Award

Sponsored by Japan Tian Tian Machinery Promotion Foundation

Winner of the University of Tokyo Production Rewards Foundation Scholarship

MITSUTOYO Scholarship

Huawei Award

Courses Taught

Advanced Manufacturing Technology (Undergraduate Course)

Digital Forming and Manufacturing (Master Course)

Introduction to Doctoral Courses (Doctoral Course)


National Natural Science Foundation of China Project

1. Plasma Laser Composite Direct and Rapid Manufacturing of Metal Mold Technology Base

2. High Temperature Gradient Material Plasma Laser Composite Creative Creature Parallel No Mold Forming Technology Foundation

3. Mixed-Phase Injection Of Digital Manufacturing Fuel Cell Complex Shape Module

4. Solid-State Digital Fused Manufacturing of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Stereoscopic Gradient Composite Electrode

5. Difficult to Process Complex Parts Electromagnetic Assisted Plasma Melting Milling Composite Dieless Precision Manufacturing

6. Plasma Melting And Micro-Continuous Casting and Rolling Directly to the Manufacture of High-precision Parts

7. Multi-Function Gradient Parts of the Electric - magnetic Field Flexible Composite Melting Control Direct Forming

863 Project

1. New Car and Motorcycle Parts Die Plasma Melting Digital Manufacturing

2. Virtualization of Rapid Manufacturing Technology in Automotive Molds

3. High Temperature Material Plasma Laser Composite Rapid Prototyping Technology

4. Manufacture of Medium Temperature Solid Fuel Cell Connection Plate

5. Simulation and Optimization of Mixing Fields for Direct Forming of Gradient Materials for Rapid Design and Manufacture of Longevity Molds

Cooperation with the National Backbone Enterprises:

1. "Plasma Melting - Micro-rolling Composite Manufacturing Engine Transition Section", AECC Xi'an Aero-engine Ltd.

2. "Blast furnace Outlet Low-cost Rapid Manufacturing", Wuhan Iron and Steel Company

3. "High-speed Heavy Rail Correction Roller Low-cost Rapid Manufacturing and Repair", Wuhan Iron and Steel Company - HUST Joint Research Center

4. "Plasma Spray Manufacturing Car Cover Mold", Technology Research Institute of Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd.

5. "3D Printing Railway Alloy Steel Combination ** Process", Chengdu Railway Engineering Co., Ltd.

Authorized Invention Patents:

[1] Zhang Haiou, etc .; Metal Mold Melting Manufacturing Methods

[2] Zhang Haiou, etc .; Direct Manufacturing of Metal Molds and Parts of the Methods and Devices

[3] Zhang Haiou, etc .; Melting Manufacturing Mold Method

[4] Zhang Haiou, etc .; Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Triple Electrode Production Methods

[5] Zhang Haiou, etc .; Parts and Molds without Mold Direct Manufacturing Methods

[6] Zhang Haiou etc .; Manufacturing Function Gradient Parts or Materials of the Powder Feeder

[7] Zhang Haiou, etc .; A Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Preparation Method

[8] Zhang Haiou, etc .; Parts of the Mold-free Melting Laminated Manufacturing Methods

[9] Zhang Haiou, etc .; Mold Die Manufacturing Methods

[10] Zhang Haiou, etc .; Parts and Molds of the Melt Forming Composite Manufacturing Methods

[11] Zhang Haiou, etc .; A Method for Preparing Gradient Functional Materials

[12] Zhang Haiou, etc .; A Variable Material for the Manufacture of Variable Cell Forming Device

[13] Zhang Haiou, etc .; Direct Preparation of the Ball High Alloy Cast Iron Method

[14] Zhang Haiou, etc .; Digital Rapid Manufacturing Software

[15] Wang Xiangping, Zhang Haiou, etc., Functional Gradient CAD / CAM System