Tang Xiaoqi




Email: xqtang@hust.edu.cn

Academic Areas: AC Servo, Numerical Control, Robot Control

Born in 1957, Ph.D., professor. Now the deputy director of the National Numerical Control System Engineering Research Center,, the National Standardization Technical Committee and the National Committee of the CNC machine tools Standardization Technical Committee industrial machinery electrical systems. In recent years, published more than 90 papers, including SCI / EI indexed more than 40 articles. More than 30 national patents for inventions; provincial and ministerial first prize three times; second prize twice. Commitment and presided over the completion of the national, provincial and ministerial projects more than 10, hosted and participated in the development of national standards 6.

Currently engaged in professional AC servo drive technology, numerical control technology, industrial robot control technology.

Academic Degrees

1978.10-1982.6 Huazhong University of Science and Technology Bachelor degree

1982.9-1985.4 Huazhong University of Science and Technology Master's degree

1994.9-1998.8 Huazhong University of Science and Technology Doctor degree

Professional Experience

1.1985.4-1994.8: Instructor, School of Mechanical Science and Technology Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology,

2.1996.1-1998.7: Visiting scholar at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

3.1998.9- now: Associate professor and professor. School of Mechanical Science and Technology Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Selected Publications

[1]Robust Feedback Zoom Tracking for Digital Video Surveillance Sensors 2012(6): 8073-8099

[2]An Intergrated Technology for 3D Laser Marking Advanced Materials Research Vols.472-475, 2012, Page(s): 2489-2493

[3]Texture Restricting Flexible Band Active Contours for Segmenting Desired Object in Color Images IMCCC2012

[4]Dynamic Task-Scheduling Algorithm in CNC System Based on Cloud Computing IMCCC2012

[5]Study on the Effect of Moisture Stress on Printed Circuit Board of Numerical Control System IMCCC2012

[6]A NURBS interpolation algorithm with continuous feedrate INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADVANCED MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY


[8]Adaptive speed control based on just-in-time learning technique for permanent magnet synchronous linear motor, Journal of Process Control, 23: 1455-1464, 2013.

[9]GPC-based self-tuning PI controller for speed servo system of PMSLM, Asian Journal of Control, 15: 1325-1336, 2013.

[10]Adaptive PIF controller for permanent magnet synchronous motors based on GPC, Sensors, 13: 175-192, 2013.

[11]Identification and compensation of force ripple in PMSLM using a JITL technique, Asian Journal of Control, 1561-8625,2014.

[12]Stable adaptive PI control for permanent magnet synchronous motor drive based on improved JITL technique, ISA Transactions, 52: 539-549, 2013.

[13]An adaptive PI controller in speed control design for PMSLM, International Journal of Digital Content Technology and its Applications, 6: 288-296, 2012.

[14]An optimal fuzzy-PI controller for the high-performance speed control of a PMSM, 2nd International Conference on Instrumentation and Measurement, Computer, Communication and Control, December 8-10, 1503-1507, Harbin, China, 2012.

Awards and Honors

1. 2008 Hubei Province Science and Technology Progress First Award: high-end CNC system key technology research and application

2. 2009 National Ministry of Education Science and Technology Progress First Award: high-performance all-digital AC servo drives and motors Key Technology and Application

3. 2009 Wuhan Municipal Science and Technology Progress First Award: the industrialization of high-performance CNC systems

4. 2011 Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Second Award: Complete automotive interior mold lamination technology research and industrial applications

5. 2012 Huazhong CNC system performance industrialization of scientific and technological transformation of universities in top award

6 .Four National Standards eligible for 2012-13 Wuhan standards development projects with national standards prize

7.2014 technology invention First award in Hubei Province: high-end CNC system NCUC-Bus fieldbus technology

Courses Taught

1.Analog Electronic Technology

2.Digital Electronic Technology

3.CNC technology

4.Introduction Subject

5.Introduction of Advanced Manufacturing Technology


1. Research projects:

(1)Guangdong Province Department of Education Combination Project: efficient large-capacity torque motor servo drive system. Project funds 1,000,000 yuan,, 2007-2009.

(2)Nationa Natural Science Foundation of China: Theory and research (50,875,099) method for CNC machine tools with high precision motion control Fourier frequency domain. Project funds 370,000 yuan, 2009-2011.

(3)National Natural Science Foundation of China: CNC machine tools feature-based and self-tuning control parameters Policy Research (50905069), project funds 200,000 yuan, 2010-2012.

(4)"High-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment," National Science and Technology major projects: Open all-digital high-end CNC equipment (2009ZX04009), State funds allocated 9.47 million yuan, 2009-2010.

(5)High-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment, National Science and Technology major projects: the open end CNC system, servo and motor integrated suite of product development and verification (2012ZX04001012), State funds allocated 181.47 million yuan, 2012-2015.

2. Introduction to Mechanical Engineering disciplines: the Ministry of Education, 2013 open class video quality.

3. National invention patents

(1)Electric Power Steering system simulation test device, patent number: ZL200410013398.9

(2)CNC system based on Ethernet technology digital communication method, patent number: ZL200710051274.3

(3)One kind of CNC machine tools biaxial synchronous controller, patent number: ZL200810196820.7

(4)An AC servo drive speed automatic loop control parameter tuning method, patent number: ZL200910062091.0

(5)A robot with a flexible wrist, patent number: ZL201010215314.5

(6)CNC system real-time synchronization network controller, patent number: ZL200710052604.0

(7)Distributed open architecture CNC system, patent number: ZL200710053658.9

(8)An implementation of real-time reconstruction of the fieldbus topology communication unit, patent number: ZL200910061655.9

(9)A field bus communication interface and real-time communication data transmission method, patent number: ZL200810197117.8

(10)Fieldbus time synchronization method, patent number: ZL200910061657.8

(11)CNC system communication interface, numerical control systems and data reception and transmission method, patent number: ZL200710053657.4

(12)A toroidal bus packet CRC word dynamic correction method, patent number: ZL200910061656.3

(13)Fieldbus interface, patent No. A CNC machine tool position detection element: ZL201010538801.5

(14)A position detection signal subdivision means, patent number: ZL200610019953.8

(15)CNC milling machine error automatic measuring device, patent number: ZL200710168724.7

(16)One kind of numerical control apparatus for detecting indicators detection and analysis device, patent number: ZL200910273170.6

(17)A CNC machining dynamic error compensation method based instruction sequence analysis, patent number: ZL201010518793.8

(18)CNC machining status information based instruction sequence display method, patent number: ZL201010518761.8

(19)An ARM-based fieldbus link real-time monitoring system, patent number: ZL201110066693.0

(20)CNC lathe automatic error measuring device, patent number: ZL200710168723.2

(21)One kind of CNC machining performance monitoring system, patent number: ZL200810048524.2

(22)Ball grinding on the heart and on-line real-time automatic detection method and apparatus, patent number: ZL200910062135.X

(23)A CNC turning process vibration suppression method based on a sequence of instructions, patent number: ZL201010518746.3

(24)A liquid density measurement method and apparatus, patent number: ZL200910061321.1

(25)A two-dimensional contour shape measuring method and apparatus, patent number: ZL200910273162.1

(26)One kind of CNC machine tools high feed load calibrator, patent number: ZL200810048243.7

(27)One kind of CNC machine tools speed feed load calibration device, patent number: ZL200810048244.1

(28)One kind of CNC machine tools and cutting load current relationship electrode calibration device, patent number: ZL200810236687.3

(29)Based on the elliptical cylinder displacement detecting apparatus mirrors, patent number: ZL201010284037.3