Associate Researcher

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Academic Areas: Micro-/nano- scale surface metrology; sampling optimization;multi-sensor measuring techniques;freeform surface metrology

Wang Jian, PhD, BEng, Associate Researcher in the HUST, was born in Huangshan, China, 1986. He obtained his BEng degree in the University of Science and Technology of China, in 2008, and PhD degree in the University of Huddersfield (UK), in 2013. Then he work successively in the National Physical Laboratory as a visiting scholar and the University of Huddersfield as a research fellow. He focuses on the research of metrology of engineering surface products, including sampling optimisation, multi-sensor measurement. Member of the IET.

Academic Degrees

2004.09 - 2008.07 China/University of Science and Technology of China BEng

2008.10 - 2013.02 UK/University of Huddersfield PhD

Professional Experience

2013.08 - 2014.02, UK/National Physical Laboratory, visiting scholar.

2014.03 - 2015.07, UK/University of Huddersfield, research fellow.

Selected Publications

[1]Wang J, Leach R K, Jiang X 2015 Review of the mathematical foundations of data fusion techniques in surface metrology Surf. Topogr.: Metrol. Prop. 3 023001

[2]Wang J, Jiang X, Blunt L A, Leach R K, Scott P J 2012 Intelligent sampling for the measurement of structured surfaces Meas. Sci. Techol. 23 085006

[3]Wang M, Peng Z, Wang J, Jiang X 2011 Wear characterisation of articular cartilage surfaces at a nano-scale using atomic force microscopy Tribol. Int. 63 235-42

[4]Tian Y, Wang J, Peng Z, Jiang X 2012 A new approach to numerical characterisation of wear particle surfaces in three-dimensions for wear study Wear 282-283 59-68

[5]Wang J, Jiang X, Gurdak E, Scott P J, Leach R K, Tomlins P 2011 Numerical characterisation of biomedical titanium surface texture using novel feature parameters Wear 271 1059-65

Courses Taught

Interchangeability and Technical Measurement

Basics of Computer and Program Design


1. Sub-project “Sampling strategies” of the European Research Council Project “Surfund”.

2. Subprojects “Sampling strategies”, “Feature extraction for deterministic structured surface” and “Surface modification operators” of the UK “EPSRC Centre for Innoative Manufacturing in Advanced Metrlogy” plan.

3. Subproject “Multi-sensor data fusion” of the Pan-European FP7 project “NANOMend”.