Education Objectives

1.The students can be trained to obtain rigorous and factualistic scientific attitude and style of work with initiative spirit and scientific morality and comprehensive quality to be academic leaders.

2. The students can be trained to obtain solid, broad basic theory and systematic, in-depth expertise in mechanical engineering to be qualified to the high-level teaching, research of the current and related majors, and scientific management of engineering and related work.

3. The students can be trained to obtain initiative spirit to make innovative achievements in the current major or in expertise .

4.The students can be trained to obtain teamwork spirit to be engaged in independent scientific research.

Program Tracks

Mechanical Design Manufacturing and Automation(major code:080201)

Mechatronic Engineering(major code:080202)

Mechanical Design and Theory(major code:080203)

Industrial Engineering(major code:080204)

Phd courses

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    Courses and credits requirement(PhD)