State Engineering Research Center of Digital Manufacturing and Equipment

State Engineering Research Center of Digital Manufacturing and Equipment was established by Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 2005 with the approval of National Development and Reform Commission.

Seizing the transition opportunities of modern manufacturing equipment from mechanization to digitization, aiming at urgent demands of advanced manufacturing technology and equipment in automotive, electronics and other manufacturing industries, its major goal is to build a leading and international competitive digital technology development and industrialization base of manufacturing equipment through research, development and engineering innovation.

Its main research fields include innovative product design and industrial design of mechatronics, open digital control, intelligent detection and measurement, analysis and prediction of equipment reliability, high-speed cutting technology, research and development of sophisticated critical parts and manufacturing equipment prototypes in automotive, shipping, microelectronics, oil, and marine areas.

The Department has settled and completed many national projects, including National 973 Projects, National 863 Projects, Major National NC Equipment Projects, Major National Electronics Equipment Projects, Major National Instrument Projects. Research funds in recent three years exceed 70 million yuan.

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Li Bin:

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