Undergraduate Program for Specialty in Measuring and Control Technology and Instrumentation

Program Objective

This program prepares students a thorough knowledge in measurement technology and instrumentation science to become creative generalists who may pursue a career in research, development and management.

Learning Outcomes

The main courses of the program include fine mechanics, electronics, engineering optics, sensor technique, computer technology and control technology. The courses assist students to acquire fundamental theory, principle and design methods of measurement technology & instrumentation, and provide them with specialized training in instrument design and manufacturing.

Students of this program will acquire:

1. Solid grounding in both natural sciences and humanities & arts;

2. Sound grounding and excellent basic training in the discipline of instrumentation science & technology, understanding of its development and trend;

3. Skills of measurement and control technology combined with the knowledge of electronics, mechanics, optics and computer science, problem analyzing and solving ability, self-learning ability; and innovative thinking;

4. Skills of computer, and mastery of one foreign language.

Main Disciplines

Science and Technology of Instrumentation Mechanical Manufacturing & Automation

Program Length and Degree

Duration: 4 years Degrees Conferred: Bachelor of Engineering

Visiting campus