Undergraduate Experimental Program in Mechanical Engineering For Exemplary Engineer Education

Program Objective

This program is aimed at establishing the fundamental knowledge and application skills of mechanical design and manufacturing, and nurturing talents in production engineering who will be engaged in design and manufacturing, research and development, application study, production management in the field of mechanical manufacturing.

Learning Outcomes

Students of this degree will acquire:

1. application of knowledge in mathematics natural science and mechanical engineering

2. experimental scheme drafting?operating and data analysis

3. design of mechanical parts?systems and processes

4. systematic presentation?modeling, analyzing and demonstration of mechanical engineering problems

5. preliminary understanding and using of technology ability and modern tools in mechanical engineering practices

6. understanding of social obligation and professional ethics

7. advanced communication and team work

8. understanding the influence of mechanical engineering on the world and society based on broad knowledge and understanding of modern society issues

9. continuous studying and lifelong education.

Main Disciplines

Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering

Program Length and Degree

Duration: 4 years Degrees

Conferred: Bachelor of Engineering

Visiting campus