Wang Jian


Associate Research Fellow



Academic Areas:1. Optical precision 3D imaging of freeform surfaces for advanced manufacturing;2. Simultaneous thickness & optical constants measurement of cross-scale thin-film structures;3. AI+ optical instruments, software development and applications  

Jian Wang, Prof. Assoc., is a Ph.D. supervisor at Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), Vice-Director of the International Research Centre for Computer-Aided Tolerancing (CCAT), permanent member of the State Key Lab of Digital Manufacturing Equipment & Technology, and technical specialist of the National Engineering Center for Digital Manufacturing Equipment, China. He received his BEng degree from the University of Science and Technology of China in 2008, and his Ph.D. degree from the University of Huddersfield, UK in 2013. After that, he was engaged in post-doctoral research at the National Physical Laboratory, UK, and work for HUST since 2015. His research interests include advanced optical measurement of surfaces/interfaces, including sensing technologies and characterization methods. He has presided 2 NSFC projects and 1 Key R&D Program of Hubei Province and participated in important programs including an NSFC Key program and a provincial Major Technology Innovation Program. He has published more than 50 papers and reports in renowned journals such as IEEE-ASME TMECH, OPT EXPRESS and ADV FUNC MATER. He has applied for over 20 national invention patents including software copyrights. He has served as a guest-editor of SENSORS, a peer-reviewer for NSFC, OSA, IEEE, and Elsevier journals; He is a member of IEEE/IET, a youth member of the China Instrumentation Society, and a committee member of the National Institute of Interchangeability and Measurement Technology. He has won from the Institute of Physics an MST 90th Anniversary Highlight Paper and a 2021 STMP Emerging Leader award, and won an award for Scientific and Technological Advancement of Hubei Province.

Academic Degrees

2004 - 2008 China/University of Science and Technology of China , BEng

2008 - 2013 UK/University of Huddersfield , PhD

Professional Experience

2013 - 2015, UK/National Physical Laboratory-University of Huddersfield, Research Fellow.


Selected Publications


[1] Xin Chen, Jian Wang*, Wenhan Zeng, Xiaojun Liu, Kan Zheng, Xiangqian Jiang, Wenlong Lu, The processing parameters optimization of UVAM-processed CuNiAl alloy based on surface integrity parameters, Tribology International, vol. 177, 107955, 2023

[2] Jian Wang, Lihua Peng, Fuqi Zhai, Dawei Tang, Feng Gao, Xiangchao Zhang, Rong Chen, Liping Zhou, Xiangqian Jiang, Polarized angle-resolved spectral reflectometry for real-time ultra-thin film measurement, Optics Express, vol. 31, 6552-6565, 2023

[3] Yang Dong, Nannan Wang, Di Yang, Jian Wang, Wenlong Lu and Daoai Wang, Robust Solid-Liquid Triboelectric Nanogenerators: Mechanisms, Strategies and Applications, Advanced Functional Materials, 33: 2300764, 2023

[4] Xiangchao Zhang, He Yuan, Rui Xiong, JianWang*, Xinyang Ma, Zhifei Hua, Min Xu, Fast measurement of surface defects on large components with dynamic phase-shifting digital holographic microscopy, Measurement, vol. 208, 112443, 2023

[5] Jian Wang, Zonghua Zhang, Wenlong Lu and Xiangqian Jiang, High-accuracy Calibration of High-Speed Fringe Projection Profilometry Using a Checkerboard, IEEE-ASME Transactions on Mechatronics, 27(5), 4199 - 4204, 2022

[6] Jiacheng Dai, Wenhan Zeng, Wenlong Lu, Jian Wang*, Xiangqian Jiang, and Mingguang Shan, Quality evaluation of honing surface groove features based on improved level-set analyses, Measurement, 190, 110789, 2022 

[7] Jian Wang, Zonghua Zhang, Richard K. Leach, Wenlong Lu and Jianfeng Xu, Predistorting Projected Fringes for High-Accuracy 3D Phase Mapping in Fringe Projection Profilometry, IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, 2021, 70: 5008209

[8] Jian Wang, Richard Leach, Rong Chen, Jiang Xu, Xiangqian Jiang, Distortion-free intelligent sampling of sparse surfaces via locally refined T-spline metamodelling, International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing–Green Technology, 2021, 8, 1471-1486

[9] Jian Wang, Wenyi Zhao, Richard Leach, Long Xu, Wenlong Lu and Xiaojun Liu, Positioning error calibration for two-dimensional precision stages via globally optimized image registration, Measurement, 2021, 186, 110222

[10] Jian Wang, Yu Lu, Lei Ye, Rong Chen, Richard Leach, Efficient analysis-suitable T-spline fitting for freeform surface reconstruction and intelligent sampling, Precision Engineering, 2020, 66, 417-428

[11] Wenlong Lu, Luca Pagani, Liping Zhou, Xiaojun Liu, Jian Wang*, Richard K Leach, and Xiangqian Jiang, Uncertainty-guided intelligent sampling strategy for high-efficiency surface measurement via free-knot B-spline regression modelling, Precision Engineering, 2019, 56: 38-52

[12] Jian Wang, Rong Su, Richard Leach, Wenlong Lu, Liping Zhou, Xiang Jane Jiang, Resolution enhancement for topography measurement of high-dynamic-range surfaces via image fusion, Optics Express, 2018, 26(26): 34805

[13] Gengpei Zhang, Jian Wang*, Suping Chang, Predicting running-in wear volume with a SVMR-based model under a small amount of training samples, Tribology International, 2018, 128: 349-355

[14] Jian Wang, Luca Pagani, Richard Leach, Wenhan Zeng, Bianca Colosimo, Liping Zhou, Study of Weighted Fusion Methods for the Measurement of Surface Geometry, Precision Engineering, 2017, 47: 111-121

Courses Taught

“Industrial photogrammetry” 

“Interchangeability and Technical Measurement”



[1] NSFC General Program, 52075206, PI, Research for On-line measurement of ultra-thin films based on polarized angle-resolved spectral analysis, 580k RMB, 2021.01 – 2024.12

[2] NSFC Youth Program, 51705178, PI, Research for Intelligent sampling of high-dynamic-range surfaces based Gaussian process modelling, 220k RMB, 2018.01 – 2020.12

[3] Hubei Province Key R&D Program, 2021BAA056, PI, Research of key technologies for the measurement multi-scale micro-/nano-scale surface structures, 1M RMB, 2022.01 – 2023.12

[4] Wuhan City Knowledge Innovation Program, PI, Research of key technologies for high-speed/-accuracy measurement of cross-scale freeform surfaces, 200k RMB, 2022.07-2024.06

[5] NSFC Key Program, 51835005, Co-PI, Research for cross-scale atomic-layer-deposition manufacturing methods of stabilization of flexible quantum-dot displays, 3M RMB, 2019.01 – 2023.12

[6] Hubei Province Technical Innovation Major Program, 2017AAA001, Co-PI, Development of high-speed profilometer for complex surface measurement based spectral confocal microscopy, 2M RMB, Co-PI, 2017.01 – 2019.06

[7] Hubei Province Natural Science Foundation for Innovative Research Groups, 2020CFA030, Co-PI, 500k RMB, 2021.01-2025.12.

Awards and Honors

2021 Institute of Physics STMP-Emerging Leader

2021 Hubei Province Award for Scientific & Technological Advancement, 3rd level

2017 Institute of Physics STMP-Annual highly cited paper Top3

2012 Institute of Physics MST-Annual highlight paper