Akhil Garg

                            Associate Professor


                            Email: akhilgarg@hust.edu.cn

                          Academic Areas: Design of Energy Storage System, Computational Intelligence Method, Design of Manufacturing System, Topology optimization design

       Akhil Garg, born in March 1988, Indian, doctor, associate professor and tutor of master's degree in mechanical engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology. He obtained bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from National Institute of Technology , Rourkela in the May 2010. In August 2014, he received a doctorate degree in mechanical and aerospace engineering from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. From September 2014 to March 2016, he was engaged in postdoctoral research in the School of Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. From March 2016 to August 2016, he worked as a lecturer in Shantou University in School of Mechatronics Engineering. From September 2016 to July 2019, he worked as an associate professor at Shantou University. In August 2019, he joined School of Mechanical Science and Engineering at Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

The main research directions include the application of evolutionary algorithm and artificial intelligence in engineering design or design optimization, such as energy storage system design. In the past five years, SCI papers has been published in International Journals such as Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization, Swarm and Evolutionary Computation, Applied Soft Computing, Expert Systems with Applications, Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, Journal of Power Sources, Energy and other journals. 96 papers, including 2 ESI hot papers and 10 ESI highly cited papers, H index 21. He presided over the project of "sailing plan" in Guangdong Province to introduce the top talents in short supply. He is currently guest editor of SCI Journal "Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing" and served as a reviewer of more than 30 SCI journals.

Academic Degrees

2006.7——2010.5:National Institute of Technology, India. Bachelor;

2010.8——2014.8:Nanyang Technology University, Singapore.  PhD;


Professional Experience

2014.9——2014.9:Nanyang Technology University, Singapore.  Postdoctoral research

2016.3——2016.8Shantou University, China. Lecturer

2016.9——PresentShantou University, China. Associate Professor

Selected Publications

[1] Garg A, Shankhwar K, Jiang DZ, Vijayaraghavan V, Panda BN, Panda SS. An evolutionary framework in modelling of multi-output characteristics of the bone drilling process. Neural Comput Appl. 2018;29:1233-41.

[2] Garg A, Li JH, Hou JJ, Berretta C, Garg A. A new computational approach for estimation of wilting point for green infrastructure. Measurement. 2017;111:351-8.

[3] Garg A, Lam JSL, Panda BN. A hybrid computational intelligence framework in modelling of coal-oil agglomeration phenomenon. Appl Soft Comput. 2017;55:402-12.

[4] Garg A, Vijayaraghavan V, Zhang J, Lam JSL. Robust model design for evaluation of power characteristics of the cleaner energy system. Renew Energ. 2017;112:302-13.

[5] Garg A, Lam JSL, Gao L. Energy conservation in manufacturing operations: modelling the milling process by a new complexity-based evolutionary approach. J Clean Prod. 2015;108:34-45.

[6] Garg A, Lam JSL. Improving environmental sustainability by formulation of generalized power consumption models using an ensemble based multi-gene genetic programming approach. J Clean Prod. 2015;102:246-63.

[7] Garg A, Vijayaraghavan V, Lam JSL, Singru PM, Gao L. A molecular simulation based computational intelligence study of a nano-machining process with implications on its environmental performance. Swarm Evol Comput. 2015;21:54-63.

[8] Garg A, Tai K, Lee CH, Savalani MM. A hybrid M5 '-genetic programming approach for ensuring greater trustworthiness of prediction ability in modelling of FDM process. J Intell Manuf. 2014;25:1349-65.

[9] Garg A, Vijayaraghavan V, Mahapatra SS, Tai K, Wong CH. Performance evaluation of microbial fuel cell by artificial intelligence methods. Expert Syst Appl. 2014;41:1389-99.

[10] Garg A, Garg A, Tai K, Sreedeep S. An integrated SRM-multi-gene genetic programming approach for prediction of factor of safety of 3-D soil nailed slopes. Eng Appl Artif Intel. 2014;30:30-40.


Awards and Honors

1.  Guest editor of Special issue of a SCI Journal "Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing" on “'Efficient and robust intelligent manufacturing systems” 2019.

2.  Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, Journal of Cleaner Production, Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems, Measurement “Excellent reviewers of International Academic Journals”

3.  Award for Best Paper of the Year from SCI Journal “Frontiers of Mechanical Engineering” 2018.

4.  IPRoMMBest Paper Award for International Conference,2016

Courses Taught



 Guangdong Province's "Sailing Plan" has introduced the project of shortage of top-notch talents. 2017.01-2019.12