Program Tracks

01.Undergraduate Program for Specialty in Mechanical Design,

02.Undergraduate Program for Specialty in Product Design

03.Undergraduate Program for Specialty in Industrial Engineering

04.Undergraduate Program for Specialty in Measuring and

05.Undergraduate Experimental Program in Mechanical Engineering

06.Undergraduate Program for Specialty in Mechanical Design,

Undergraduate courses

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    Prof. Weizhang Ye from Taiwan Tsinghua University visited MSE

    ​Prof. Weizhang Ye, invited by Prof. Liang Gao, visited MSE and State Key Lab of Digital Manufacturing Equipment and Technology on August 14, 2018. Ye is a professor of the Department of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management of Taiwan Tsinghua University. He delivered a lecture entitled “Simplified Swarm Optimization (SSO) and Optimize Parameters Identification for Solar Cell Mode... READ MORE
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    Dr. Xu Lizhi from University of Michigan Visits MSE

    ​On June 9, 2018, Dr Xu Lizhi, currently a postdoctoral research fellow in Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Michigan, visited MSE at the invitation of Prof. Huang Yongan and Yin Zhouping at the State Key Lab of Digital Manufacturing Equipment & Technology. Dr. Xu gave a report entitled “Bio-Inspired Soft Materials and Devices: from Artificial Cartilage to Organ-Mounted Electr... READ MORE
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    Member of NAE, Prof. Shi Jianjun Visits MSE

    On June 7, 2018, invited by MSE Prof. Hu Youmin, Dr. Shi Jianjun, member of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE), member of International Academy for Quality (IAQ), Carolyn J. Stewart Chair and Professor at Georgia Institute of Technology visited MSE and made a report entitled “Data Fusion for Quality Improvement in Smart Manufacturing System”. ‍Prof. Shi Tielin of the Department of Mec... READ MORE
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    Prof. Klas Hjort from Uppsala University Visited MSE

    On April 18,Prof. Klas Hjort, Head of the Microsystem Technology (MST) program at Uppsala University, visited School of Mechanical Science and Engineering (MSE) at the invitation of Prof. Wu Zhigang at the State Key Laboratory of Digital Manufacturing Equipment and Technology, MSE. He delivered a series lectures entitled “Introduction to Scientific Writing” on April 18/20/23/24, 2018, with e... READ MORE
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    Assistant Professor Zhu Jian from National University of Singapore Visits MSE

    On April 9, Dr. Zhu Jian, an assistant professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore (NUS), visited the School of Mechanical Science & Engineering (MSE) at the invitation of Prof. Wu Zhigang from the State Key Laboratory of Digital Manufacturing Equipment and Technology. During his visit, Dr. Zhu gave a presentation entitled “Soft Robots”.‍In the pre... READ MORE
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    Prof. Julien Yvonnet at University Paris-Est Visits MSE

    ​On March 27, Professor Julien Yvonne and his PhD student Da Daicong at University of Paris-Est, France, visited MSE for academic exchange. Prof. Yvonne was invited by Associate Prof. Xia Liang, who is currently a faculty member in the Department of Mechatronic Engineering, MSE. Prof. Shi Tielin and Prof. Xuan Jianping from the same department also joined the exchange.      Prof. Yvonnet b... READ MORE