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Academic Areas: micro-nano technology

Prof. Chen Rong, currently the deputy director of Flexible Electronic Research Center at Huazhong University of Science and Technology(HUST) and the assistant dean of School of Mechanical Science and Engineering(MSE) at HUST, was born in August 1978. Prof. Chen is also hired as courtesy professor in School of Optics and Electronic Information at HUST as well as the guest researcher by Ningbo Institute of Industrial Technology(CNITECH) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

Prof. Chen received her Doctoral and Master degrees from Stanford University, her bachelor degree was obtained from University of Science and Technology of China (USTC). She had worked at Applied Materials, Inc and Intel Labs as Senior Researcher during her overseas experience. Prof. Chen came back to China in 2011, ever since her return she has been selected as the Leading Science and Technology Innovative Youth Talents of China by Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, included in the New Century Excellent Talents Plan by Chinese Ministry of Education, listed in the First Batch of the Recruitment Program for Young Professional(1000 Talents Plan) by the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC, awarded Natural Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars of Hubei Province and the Overseas Chinese Award for Contribution by All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese. Besides, she received great honor from overseas, such as the winner of the Simon Karecki Award of Semiconductor Research Association, the winner of Female Leadership Award in area of micro-electronics by Texas Instrument and the winner of Gold Metal of 44th International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, etc.

The research projects carried out under direction of Prof. Chen are mainly focused on the area of micro-nano process and investigation, which can be assorted briefly into four themes: Selective Atomic Layer Deposition Method, Property Tuning of Nano Particles, Thin Film Process and devices, Flexible Opto-electronics Devices. Prof. Chen has been appointed as the principal investigator for Youth Scientist Projects under Major National Scientific Research Program of China(973) , National Natural Science Fund of China, Natural Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars of Hubei Province, etc. She has published more than 60 papers on Adv Mater, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed, Energ. Environ. Sci, ACS Nano, and more than 40 patents licensed for invention, including 5 United States patents and 4 International patents. More than 20 global academic conferences invited her to make academic report. She is the chief editor of Key Publication of 12th Five-Year Plan, and wrote the book series of nanoscience published in English.

Prof. Chen is a member of European(Cost action MP1402), American Vaccum Society(AVS), American Electrochemical Society(AES), Institue of Electrical and Electronics Engineers(IEEE), American Chemical Society(ACS), Materials Research Society(MRS), American Physical Society(APS); a council member of Chinese Silicate Films and Coatings Branch Board; a senior member of Chinese Vaccum Society(CVS); a member of the Discussion Group for Demonstration Project of PM2.5 Pollution Control. She has been invited to be an expert reviewer on national funds for doctoral programs granted by the Chinese Ministry of Education such as National Science and Technology Award, International Science and Technology Cooperation, National Natural Science Foundation. The provincial projects under review by Prof. Chen are Hubei Science and Technology Plan, Hubei Province International Cooperation Programme, Jiangsu Province Double Plan, Zhejiang Province Thousand Talents Plan. Globally, Prof. Chen has been appointed as the expert reviewer for NSF Funds(US), STW Funds(Netherlands), Chile National Science and Technology Funds, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Open Funds(US). Prof.Chen is an editorial board member of Scientic Reports powered by Nature, she is also a reviewer of the world level journals such as Appl. Phys. Lett.J. Appl. Phys., ACS Nano, Chem. Mater., J. Phys. Chem., Langmuir, Appl. Surf. Sci, and expert reviewer for book plans of Elsevier Publishing House.

Besides academic area, Prof.Chen has been enrolled actively into many social positions:member of the Eleventh Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference of Hubei Province, Deputy Secretary-General of National Thousand Talents Plan Experts Association, Expert of Liaowang Institue of Xinhua News Agency,Counselor of the 10th Session Wuhan Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese Committee, Performance Buget Management Supervisor of Hubei Province, member Entrepreneurship Promotion Association for Returned Oversease Chinese Scientists and Technicians.


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Academic Degrees

2001.06–2006.06    Stanford University Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry

2004.03–2005.09    Stanford University M.S. in Electrical Engineering

1996.09–2001.06    University of Science and Technology of China B.S. in Polymer Science and Engineering

Professional Experience

2015.07–present       Associate Director, HUST Flexible Electronics Research Center, Huazhong University of Science and Technology    

2012.05–present       Guest professor, Ningbo Institute of materials technology and engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2011.08–present      Professor, School of Mechanical Science and Engineering and School of Optical and Electronic Information by courtesy, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

2009.11–2011.08      In-house Scientific Counselor Intel External Research Office

2007.07–2011.08      Senior Research Scientist, Intel Labs

2006.072007.07      Senior Process Engineer, Applied Materials, Inc


Selected Publications

  1. 1. Xiao Liu, Qian-Qian Zhu, Yun Lang, Kun Cao, Sheng-Qi Chu, Bin Shan*, Rong Chen* ,Oxide nanotraps-anchored Pt nanoparticles with high activity and sintering resistance via area-selective atomic layer deposition, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2017, 56, 1648.

  2. 2. Kun Cao, Lu Shi,Miao Gong, Jiaming Cai, Xiao Liu, Shengqi Chu, Bin Shan*, Rong Chen*, Nanofence Stabilized Platinum Nanoparticles Catalyst via Facet-Selective Atomic Layer Deposition, Small, 1700648, 2017.

  3. 3. Qi Peng, Jun Wang, Zijian Feng, Chun Du, Yanwei Wen*, Bin Shan, Rong Chen*, Enhanced Photoelectrochemical Water Oxidation by Fabrication of p-LaFeO3/n-Fe¬O3 Heterojunction on Hematite Nanorod, J. Phys. Chem. C, 2017, 121 (24), 12991.

  4. 4. Rong Chen*, Chen-Long Duan, Xiao Liu, Kai Qu, Gen Tang, Xing-Xing Xu, Bin Shan, Surface passivation of aluminum hydride particles via atomic layer deposition, J. Vac. Sci. Technol. A., 2017, 35, 03E111.

  5. 5. Rong Chen, Ji-Long Lin, Wen-Jie He, Chen-Long Duan, Qi Peng, Xiao-Lei Wang, Bin Shan , Spatial atomic layer deposition of ZnO/TiO2 nano-laminates, J.Vac.Sci.Technol.A., 2016, 34, 051502.

  6. 6. Kun Cao, Xiao Liu, Qian-Qian Zhu, Bin Shan*, Rong Chen* , Atomically controllable Pd@Pt core shell nanoparticles towards PROX's reactions modulated by Pt shell thickness, ChemCatChem, 2016, 8, 326.

  7. 7. Chao Zhang, Bin Huang, Li-Hua Qian*, Song-Liu Yuan, Shuai Wang, Rong Chen* , Electrochemical Biosensor Based on Nanoporous Au/CoO Core-Shell with Synergistic Catalysis” ChemPhysChem, 2016, 17, 98.

  8. 8. Wen-Jie He, Hai-Tao Zhang, Zhi-Yong Chen, Ji-Long Lin, Kan Tian, Bin Shan, Rong Chen*, Temperature Control for Nano-Scale Films by Spatially-Separated Atomic Layer Deposition based on Generalized Predictive Control,  IEEE Trans. Nanotechnol, 2015, 14(6), 1094.

  9. 9. Wen-jie He, Hai-tao Zhang*, Zhiyong Chen, Bo Chu, Kun Cao, Bin Shan, Rong Chen*, Generalized Predictive Control of Temperature on an Atomic Layer Deposition Reactor, IEEE Trans. Contr. Sys. Tech. 2015, 23(6), 2408.

  10. 10. Zheng-Zheng Chen, Xiao Liu, Kyeongjae Cho, Rong Chen*, Bin Shan* , Density Functional Theory Study of the Oxygen Chemistry and NO Oxidation Mechanism on Low-Index Surfaces of SmMn2O5 Mullite,  ACS Catal., 2015, 5, 4913.

  11. 11. Chen-Long Duan, Xiao Liu, Bin Shan, Rong Chen* , Fluidized bed coupled rotary reactor for nanoparticles coating via atomic layer deposition,  Rev. Sci. Instrum., 2015, 86, 075101.

  12. 12. Kun Cao, Qian-Qian Zhu, Bin Shan*, Rong Chen* , Controlled Synthesis of Pd/Pt Core Shell Nanoparticles Using Area-selective Atomic Layer Deposition, Sci. Rep., 2015, 5, 8470.

  13. 13. Bin Huang, Wen-Juan Yang, Yan-Wei Wen, Bin Shan*, Rong Chen* , Co3O4 Modified TiO2 Nanotube Arrays via Atomic Layer Deposition for Improved Visible-Light Photoelectrochemical Performance” ACS Appl. Mater. Inter., 2015, 7 (1), 422.

  14. 14. Stephanie L. Candelaria, Rong Chen, Yoon-Ha Jeong, Guozhong Cao* , Highly porous chemically modified carbon cryogels and their coherent nanocomposites for energy applications, Energy Environ. Sci. 2012, 5, 5619.

  15. 15. Noureddine Tayebi, Yue-Gang Zhang*, Robert J. Chen, Quan Tran, Rong Chen, Yoshio Nishi, Qing Ma, Valluri Rao , An ultraclean tip-wear reduction scheme for ultrahigh density scanning probe-based data storage,  ACS Nano, 2010, 4 (10), 5713.

  16. 16. Rong Chen, Stacey F. Bent*, Chemistry for positive pattern transfer by area-selective atomic layer deposition, Adv. Mater., 2006, 18, 1086.

Awards and Honors

1. Award for Intellectual Property of the Year 2016, HUST

2. Overseas Chinese Award for Contribution, All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese

3. Gold Metal of 44th International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva and Special Award  for International Invention by National Research Council of Thailand

4.Leading Science and Technology Innovative Youth Talents of China, Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology

5. Natural Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars of Hubei Province

6. Best Youth Award, HUST

7. Listed in the First Batch of the Recruitment Program for Young Professional(1000 Talents Plan), the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC

8. New Century Excellent Talents Plan, Chinese Ministry of Education

9. Simon Karecki Award, Semiconductor Research Association

10.Female Leadership Award in Area of Micro-electronics, Texas Instrument

Courses Taught

Undergraduate-Level Courses:

1. Introduction of Nanotechnology

2. Nanotechnology in Daily Life

Graduate-Level course:

1. Thin Film Technology

2. Advanced Manufacturing Engineering



1. Principle Investigator, Rational Design and Property Tuning of High Efficient Metal-Oxide Compound Catalyst, Project number: 2013CB934800, Youth Scientist Projects under Major National Scientific Research Program of China(973) , 2013-2017  

2. Project Principal, Optimization of Spatically-Separated Atomic Layer Deposition Conditions Applied on Flexible Electronic Manufacturing, Project number: 51575217, National Natural Science Fund of China

3. Project Principal, Investigation into the Key Technology of Atomic Layer Coating on Micro-nano Particles and Devices, Project number: 2015CFA034, Natural Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars of Hubei Province

4. Project Principal, Development of Thin-film Packaging Technoloy using ALD, Industry-University-Institue Cooperation with China Star Optoelectronics Technology

5. Project Principal, Investigation into the Key Problems on Cross-scale Manufacturing of Flexible Quantum Dots Opto-electronic Devices of High Stability, Project Number: 2016YXZD065, Key Project Supported by Innovation Research Fund of Huazhong University of Science and Technology

6. Research Mainstay, Micro-nano Manufacturing and Nano-scale Measurement Technology, Project Number: IRT13017, Development Plan for Innovation Team by Chinese Ministry of Education