Gao Longlong



Phone: 027-87541769


Academic Areas: Fluid drive and control; marine electromechanical equipment

Born in August 1987, Professor Gao is a lecturer of the Department of Fluid Power Control Engineering, MSE. He mainly engages in the research of fluid drive and control, marine electromechanical equipment, and underwater launch technology. He has published more than more than 10 papers in the international and domestic important journals and academic conferences, three of which were published on Energy Conversion and Management, Flow Measurement and Instrument, ASME which are SIC-indexed. He holds 6 authorized invention patents and 8 of his invention patents have been accepted.

He has presided over one China Postdoctoral Science Foundation project and two “Twelfth Five -year Plan” pre-research projects of defense technology. As an academic mainstay, he has participated in 5 major scientific projects which include projects of the General Equipment Department, projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and aerospace pre-research projects. Currently, he is presiding over one major national sub-project and one “Thirteenth Five-year Plan” pre-research projects of defense technology.

He is a member of the Aviation Electrical Branch of the Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and a member of Human and Environmental Engineering Branch of the Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Selected Publications


1. Baoren Li, LonglongGao*, Gang Yang. Evaluation and compensation of steady gas flow force onthe high-pressure electro-pneumatic servo valve direct-driven by voice coilmotor. Energy Conversion and Management, 2013; 67:92-102. (SCI, 5-Year IF:4.631,*:corresponding author).

2. Longlong Gao*, Gang Yang, Weijia Li, Baoren Li. Measurement ofmass flow rate and evaluation of heat transfer coefficient for high-pressurepneumatic components during charge and discharge process. Flowmeasurement and instrument, 2015, 45:391-403. (SCI, 5-Year IF:1.229).

3. Li Baoren, Gao Longlong, Yang Gang. Modeling and control of a novel high-pressurepneumatic servo valve direct-driven by voice coil motor. ASME Journal ofDynamic Systems, Measurement and Control, 2013; 135(1):014507-1- 014507-5. (SCI, 5-Year IF:1.182).

4. Gao Longlong, Xu Wentao, LiBaoren. Evaluation of the flow characteristics at null position of direct drivehigh-pressure electro-pneumatic servo valve[C], KSFC 2015 Autumn Conference onDrive & Control, 2015.

5.  Yang Gang, Gao Longlong*, Li Baoren, Numerical Simulation of Spool Orifice Gas Jet for Novel High Pressure Electro-pneumatic Servo Valve, Journal of Mechanical Engineering2013; 49(2):165-173.


1. Li Baoren, Yang Gang, Gao Longlong, Du Jingmin, Fu Xiaoyun, Zhu Huixue. High Voltage Electro-pneumatic Servo Valve. Patent No .: 201218001415.2.

2.Li Baoren, Gao Longlong, Yang Gang, Du Jingmin, Fu Xiaoyun, Xu Chaobin, Li Gang, Gas Mixing Device for Aerial Air Temperature Simulation Experiment at High Altitude Air, Patent No .: CN201520017073.1.

3. Li Baoren, Du Jingmin, Fu Xiaoyun, Yang Gang, Zhu Huixue, Gao Longlong, Pan Lingyong. An electric Control Head. Patent No .: 201218001416.7.

4. Yang Gang, Li Baoren, Du Jingmin, Fu Xiaoyun, Zheng Junlin, Pan Lingyong, Gao Longlong, Li Gang. High Pressure Pneumatic Side of the Blown Valve. Patent No .:


5.Pi Baoren, Fu Xiaoyun, Yang Gang, Du Jingmin, Gao Lei, Gao Longlong, Li Xuan, Li Gang. A water jet propulsion type deep sea glider. Patent No .: CN201310634020.X

Courses Taught

Postgraduate course: Pneumatic Control and its Automation

Undergraduate course: Hydraulic and Pneumatic Transmission


1. Research on FADS Dynamic Pressure Test Equipment, National Major Sub-project (2015.12 ~ 2017.12)

2. Research on New High-voltage Electric-gas Servo Valve Zero Gas Micro-flow Mechanism, China Postdoctoral Science Fund Project (2013.12 ~ 2015.12)

3. Research on XXX Outboard Intelligent Launch Valve, National Defense Science and Technology "Second Five-Year Plan" Pre-research Project (2014.01 ~ 2015.12)

4. Research on XXX Adaptive High-precision Launch Technology, Major Research Projects of General Armament Department (2013.01 ~ 2016.10)

5. Research on XXX Energy Precision Control, Twelfth Five-year Plan" Pre-research Project of Defense Technology(2012.01 ~ 2015.12)