Guo Jiajie


Associate Professor

Phone: 027-87559416


Academic Areas: Compliant mechanism, robotics, manufacturing, control

Dr. Guo has been working on compliant mechanisms since his graduate studies, and has applied the design and analysis method to research projects on intelligent cutting, structural health monitoring, bio-inspired robotics, and manufacturing. A theoretical formulation method has been developed for 3-D large deformations based on differential geometries together with numerical methods for boundary value problems, which is more efficient than commercially available finite element methods. Currently, he is developing theories and techniques for online sensing of flexible deformations due to multi-physical effects. Applications range from process monitoring for manufacturing flexible components to prosthesis / exoskeletons for compliant grasping.

Academic Degrees

2007 - 2011 Georgia Institute of Technology Ph.D.

2002 - 2006 Peking University B.S

Professional Experience

2012-now, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering and Science, Huazhong University of Science and Technology;

2007-2011, Research Assistant, Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI), Georgia Institute of Technology;

Selected Publications

1. Guo, J., Lee, K.-M., Liu, W. and Wang, B., 2015. “Vibration sensing design criteria based modal analysis for thin-wall plate machining,” IEEE/ASME Trans. on Mechatronics, 20(3), 1406-1417, DOI: 10.1109/TMECH.2014.2360371.

2.Guo, J. and Lee, K.-M., 2013. “Compliant joint design and flexure finger dynamic analysis using an equivalent pin model,” Mechanism and Machine Theory, 70, 338-353.

3.Guo, J., Lee, K. M., Zhu, D., Yi, X. and Wang, Y., 2012. “Large-deformation analysis and experimental validation of a flexure-based mobile sensor node,” IEEE/ASME Trans. on Mechatronics, 17(4), 606-616.

4.Lee, K.-M. and Guo, J., 2010. “Kinematic and dynamic analysis of an anatomically-based knee joint.” J. of Biomechanics, 43(7), 1231-1236.

Awards and Honors

1. IEEE/ASME Transaction on Mechatronics Best Paper Award, 2015

2.  Chutian Scholar, Hubei, 2013

3.“Most Practical SHM Solution for Civil Infrastructures” Video Award in Action session, the 8th International Workshop for Structural Health Monitoring, Stanford, CA, 2011.

4. Top in the Ph.D. qualifying exam in Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2008.

5. Chin-Tsuing Scholar, Peking University, 2005.

6. Freshman Scholarship, Hosogoe Scholarship, Canon Scholarship, Outstanding Student Award, Peking University, 2002-2006.

Courses Taught

Graudate courses:

Machine Vision

Undergraduate courses:

System Dynamics

Fundamental of Control Engineering

Fluid Mechanics

Mechanical Design

Project Design


1. "Design theory and implementation method of compliant mechanisms for sensing structural and mechanical properties of natural biological joints", National Nature Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 51505164)

2.“Process Online Monitoring and Multi-field Reconstruction” in “Research on Fundamental of Intelligent Manufacturing for High-Quality and Complex Parts”, National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program, Grant No. 2013CB035803)

3. Vision-based Mobile Sensing for Structural Health Monitoring, Provincial Natural Science Foundation of Hubei (Grant No. 2013CFB181)