Hu Youmin



Phone: 027-87541940


Academic Areas: 1. Advanced manufacturing technology (including research machine tool kinetics / thermal dynamics, virtual manufacturing, etc.) 2. Information and Intelligence technologies (including uncertainty theory, signal processing technology, fault diagnosis techn

Ph.D. and Professor. In recently years, my research is focusing in CNC equipment, intelligent manufacturing and control, mechantonics equipment condition monitoring, reliability and safety and others. I also lecture "Mechanical Engineering Control" (National Excellent Courses) and "Mechantronics Creative Decision and Design Tools"(English) for undergraduate student and "Uncertainty System Analysis" for graduated student.

Academic Degrees

1999.9-2003.7 Wuhan / Huazhong University of Science and Technology Ph.D.

Professional Experience

January 2010 - January 2011, Georgia Institute of Technology School of Mechanical Engineering, a visiting scholar

October 2003 -, Huazhong University of Science and Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation, Professor

Selected Publications

Published works:

1. Hu youmin. Mechtronics Creative Decision and Design Tools (bilingual edition), Introductory Mechanical Design Tools, Huazhong University of Science and Technology Press, ISBN9787560979267, 2012.

Journal Articles:

1. XIE Fengyun, HU Youmin, Wu Bo, et al. A generalized interval probability-based optimization method for training generalized hidden Markov model. Signal Processing, 2014, 94(1): 319-329.

2. Xia Junyong, Hu Youmin, Wu Bo, Shi Tielin. Experimental research on factors influencing thermal dynamics characteristics of feed system, Precision Engineering, 2010, 34(2): 357-368.

3. Xia Junyong, Hu Youmin, Wu Bo. Research on thermal dynamics characteristics and modeling approach of ball screw. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 2009, 43(5-6): 421-430.

International Conference Papers:

1. Hu Youmin, Ling Ling, Thomas Kurfess, et al.International collaboration teaching method for Mechatronic Innovation Decision-making and Design Tools. International Network for Engineering Education and Reasearch (INEER 2014), 2014.

2. Youmin Hu*, William Singhose, et al. Introductory Mechatronics Creative Decision and Design Tools—the Design and Realization of a Mechatronics Course. Joint International Conference on Engineering Education & International Conference on Information Technology, 2014.

3. Youmin Hu, William Singhose, Bo Wu*, Liping Zhou and Lingsong He. Practice Competence Training in Mechatronics Engineering Education under the Cooperation Project Between HUST and GATECH. International Conference on Engineering Education and Research (ICEER 2013), 2013。

Awards and Honors

1.2013 HUST Teaching Quality Excellence Award;

2.2012 HUST Teaching Quality Excellence Award;

3.2012 Supervisor of Hubei Provincial Outstanding Bachelor Thesis (student name is He Suining);

4. 2006 Ministry of Education of P.R.China, Science and Technology Progress Award;

Courses Taught

Undergraduate courses:

1. Mechantronics Creative Decision and Design Tools(In English)

2. Mechanical Engineering Control( National Excellent Courses)

Graduate courses:

1. uncertainty systems analysis (bilingual)


Research projects:

1. Key technology research and application on robotic welding production line for the large-scale structure used in Bridge Crane, 863 Project, 2015.1-2017.12.

2. Research on multi-physics domain information fusion theory based on generalized hidden Markov model, NSFC, 2012.1-2015.12.

3. Research on Digital Manufacturing for difficult-to-machine material of aerospace parts, 973 Project, 2011.1-2015.12.