He Xiaofeng


Associate Professor

Phone: 027-87556055-807

Email: hexiaofeng3@163.com

Academic Areas: Basic theory and application of hydraulic drive technology; ship special hydraulic components and systems; electro-hydraulic control engineering and automation

Born in December 1968, Professor He is the deputy director of the hydraulic pneumatic technology research center, HUST. He has published more than 30 papers, more than 10 of them collected by SCI&EI. He holds five patents.

Selected Publications

[1]  “Eleven Fifth Year Plan” National Vocational Education Planning Materials, Hydraulic Components And Systems (Third Edition), Associate Editor, 2011.9

[2]    Xiaofeng He, Bihai Zhu, Yinshui Liu, Zhengyi Jiang. Study on a seawater hydraulic piston pump with check valves for underwater tools. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part A, Journal of Power and Energy, Vol.226 (1), 2012, pp. 151-160

[3]    Xiaofeng He, Wei Huang, Bihai Zhu, and Liang Luo,Air Suction Characteristics of a Water Hydraulic Piston Pump With Check Valves,Journal of Fluids Engineering, Nov. 2011, Vol. 133, Issue 11, 114502

[4]    He Xiaofeng, Liu Xianglin, Luo Longjun and Luo Xiaohui, Optimization and simulation on a cartridge valve with silencing grooves, Journal of Vibration and Control, Vol.20(14), 2014, pp2083-2089

[5]    Liang Luo, Xiaofeng He*, Ben Deng, and Xing Huang, Theoretical and Experimental Research on a Pressure reducing Valve for a Water Hydraulic Vane Pump, Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology, Vol. 136 (2014), pp 021601-1~021601-5(Corresponding Author)


Awards and Honors

Second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award

Courses Taught

Undergraduate Courses

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Transmission

Hydraulic Components and Systems

Graduate Course

Modern Design Theory and Method of Electro-hydraulic Control Engineering


1) Development of Test Bench for Ultra - high Pressure and High Flow Safety Valve

2) Development of Comprehensive Performance Test Bench for Large Flow Hydraulic Components

3) Study on Coupled Mechanism and Dynamic Leakage Law of Flow Field in Hydraulic Structures

4) Research on Key Technology of Low Noise Water Pump Distribution Plate

5) He Xiaofeng, Li Zhuangyun, Zhu Yuquan, Zhu Bihai, Liu Yinshui. Pilot Type Hydraulic Relief Valve, China invention patent, patent number: ZL200410013070.7

6) He Xiaofeng, Li Zhuangyun, Zhu Yuquan, Liu Yinshui, Zhu Bihai. Medium and High Pressure Direct Pressure Water Pressure Relief Valve, China invention patent, patent number: ZL200410013050.X

7) He Xiaofeng, Li Chao, Zhu Bihai, A Piston Pump with a Plate, 2012.6, China, ZL200910272425.7