Jiang Wei


Associate Professor


Email: jiangw@hust.edu.cn

Academic Areas: Dynamics and control of mechatronic systems, multibody dynamics, mechanical vibration, vibration control

Born in 1979, he received Bachelor’s Degree and Doctor’s Degree from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 2002 and 2008, respectively. After finishing his post-doctoral research in Mechanics in HUST, he was employed as a lecturer by State Key Laboratory of Digital Manufacturing Equipment and Technology in the same university in 2012.

His major research interests include dynamics and control of mechatronic systems, multibody dynamics, mechanical vibration, and vibration control, both in theoretical research and experimental investigation. He has participated and finished several state research programs, including one NSFC Program, two 973 Programs, one 863 Program, as well as a set of research programs funded by enterprises. He is now the PI of one NSFC Program and one NSF of Hubei province, and also engages in two NSFC Programs and two State Key Research Programs.

He has published more than ten SCI/EI research papers as well as one book chapter. He has finished one PCT patent and eight innovation patents, six of which have been authorized. He has also received the First Award of Ministry of education science and technology progress award in 2014.

Academic Degrees

1998.9-2002.6 Huazhong University of Science and Technology BA

2002.9-2008.11 Huazhong University of Science and Technology PhD

Professional Experience

2009.1-2012.3 Mechanical postdoctoral flow station, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

2012.4 to current State Key Laboratory of Digital Manufacturing Equipment and Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Selected Publications

1.Yu PL, Chen XD, Wang XL, Jiang W*. Frequency-dependent nonlinear dynamic stiffness of aerostatic bearings subjected to external perturbations. International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing, in press

2.Shen YP, Chen XD, Jiang W, Luo X*. Spatial force-based non-prismatic beam element for static and dynamic analyses of circular flexure hinges in compliant mechanisms. Precision Engineering,38(2):311–320, 2014

3.Liu N, Yang JS, Hu YT, Chen XD, Jiang W*. Frequency shifts in plate crystal resonators induced by electric, magnetic, or mechanical fields in surface films. IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics Ferroelectrics and fequency Control, 58(12): 2588-2595, 2011

4.Jiang W, Chen XD*, Luo X, Hu YT, Hu HP. Vibration calculation of spatial multibody systems based on constraint-topology transformation, Journal of Mechanics, 27(4): 479-491, 2011

5.Jiang W*, Chen XD, Luo X. Vibration and sensitivity analysis of spatial multibody systems based on constraint topology transformation, in: Ebrahimi F, Advances in Vibration Analysis Research, Crotia: Intech, chapter 20, 391-418, 2011

6.Jiang W*, Jia WC, Liu SS, Hu YT, Hu HP. Roll vibration analysis of planar aerostatic bearings through a distributed spring model. Advanced Materials Research, 346:332-338, 2012

7.Jiang W*, Luo X, Jia WC, Hu YT, Hu HP. A new algorithm for calculating the degrees of freedom of complex mechanisms. Advanced Materials Research, 346: 324-331, 2012

8.Jiang W*, Chen XD, Luo X, et al. Symbolic Formulation of Large-scale Open-loop Multibody Systems for Vibration Analysis Using Absolute Joint Coordinates, JSME J. Syst. Design Dyn., 2(4):1015-1026,2008

9.Jiang W, Chen XD, Yan TH. Symbolic Formulation of Rigid Multibody Systems for Vibration Analysis based on Matrix Transformation, Chinese J. Mech. Eng. (Chinese Ed.), 44(6):54-60, 2008

Awards and Honors

1.“Key technologies and applications of structure dynamic optimization for heavy loading mechanical equipment”, National commercial scientific and Technological Progress Award, the Special Award, 2014

2.“Key technologies and its applications of dynamic design on heavy mechatronic equipments”, Ministry of education science and technology progress award, the First Award, 2014

Courses Taught

Course for graduates: 3D engineering drawing 

Course for postgraduates: Dynamic analysis and control of mechatronic systems


Research programs

1.NSFC: Dynamic Stiffness Enhancement and Disturbances suppression of Active Aerostatic Bearings via Gas Film Shape Control (51405174), 2015-2017, PI;

2.NSFC: Fundamental Investigation on Motion Stability of Key Components in Nano-Precision Manufacturing Machines (51435006), 2015.-2019, main member;

3.NSFC: Fundamental Investigation on High Performance Fluid Static Bearing System (51235005), 2013-2017, main member;

4.NSFC: Complex Multi-variable-coupling Nonlinear Dynamics and Control of 2D Planar motors (50605025), 2007-2009, main member;

5.973 Program: Multi-discipline and Multi-scale Modeling of Large-inertia multibody Systems and Nano-precision Motion Generation (2009CB724205), 2009-2014, main member;

6.973 Program: High Speed and Hign Precision Motion Generation and Control (2003CB716206), 2003-2008, main member;

7.863 Program: Structural Design Method and Integrated Design Tools for Precision Mechatronic Products (2009AA04Z148), 2009-2011, main member;

8.National Science and Technology Major Project: Research and Development on High Performance Ultra-precision Active Vibration Isolation Systems: (2009ZX02208-010), 2009-2014, main member;

9.NSF of Hubei Province: Mechanism on Gas Film Shape Control and Dynamic Stiffness Enhancement Based on PZT Materials (2013CFB182), 2013-2014, PI.