Liu Hongqi


Associate Professor

Phone: 86-027-87542613-8416


Academic Areas: Numerical control、Intelligent manufacturing、Machine Tool Dynamics

Born in Mar,1975,male,professor,teacher of National NC System Engineering Technology Research Center.

He has undertaken many programs, such as nine Major research projects of national level including Project of National Natural Science Foundation, National Key Technology Support Program, the national 863 project and Civil 973 Project and two Enterprise cooperation projects. He has published 20 SCI/EI papers, got 15 authorized invention patents, declared 5 invention patents, got 1 software copyright, acquired 1 Hubei province science and technology progress award.

Academic Degrees

1996.9-2000.6 Wuhan University of Science and Engineer Bachelor

2001.9-2004.6 The Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) Master

2004.9-2008.12 The Huazhong University of Science and Technology Doctor

Professional Experience

2012.3-Now:Teacher of National NC System Engineering Technology Research Center in HUST 

2009.3-2011.6:postdoctoral researchers in the manufacturing engineering institute of Tsinghua University

2000.7-2001.8:researcher in Jiangsu Kunshan Phoenix Bicycle Co. Ltd.

Selected Publications

1.Liu Hongqi,Li Bin,A parmaeterized model of bolted joints in machine tools, Intenational journal of acoustics and vibration,2014, Vol(19),10-20(SCI)

2.Liu Hongqi,Chen Qinghai, Li Bin*,Mao Xinyong,Mao Kuangming,Peng Fangyu.On-line chatter detection using servo motor current signal in turning.SCINECE IN CHINA,2011,54,3119-3129(SCI)

3.Bin Li, Feng Li Hongqi Liu*, Hui Cai,Xinyong Mao. A measurement strategy and an error-compensation model for the on-machine laser measurement of large-scale free-form surfaces. Measurement Science and Technology,(2014 SCI)

4.Bo Tan, XinyongMao, HongqiLiu*, BinLi.A thermal error model for large machine tools that considers environmental thermal hysteresis effects. International Journal of Machine Tools&Manufacture, 82-83(2014)11–20.

5.Liu Hongqi,Lian lingneng,Li Bin.An approach based on singular spectrum analysis and the Mahalanobis distance for tool breakage detection Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science (2014 SCI)

6.Mao Xinyong,Liu Hongqi&Li Bin*,Time-frequency analysis and the detect method research on the milling force token signal in the spindle current signal,Science in China Series E: Technological Sciences. 2009, 52(10): 2758-3104(SCI)

7.Liu Hongqi ,TianYing,Li Bin.A fast error measurement system for CNC machine tools based on step-gauge, 2010 2nd International Conference on Mechanical and Electronics Engineering, 2010,V2-270-274(EI)

8.Liu Hongqi, Wei Yaoqiang, Tian Hongliang, et al. Reconstruction the Milling Force Based on the Feed Motor Current Signal[C]. Proceedings of 2010 International Conference on Mechanical and Electrical Technology. Singapore: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2010:765-768(EI)

9.Li Bin Zhang Chen Liu Hongqi. Indirect measurement of the miling forces based on spindle motor current. Huazhong University of Science and Technology(Nature Science),2008(3),5-7(EI, in Chinese)

10.Liu Hongqi Li Bin Tang Xiaoqi Mao Xingyong. NC machining-oriented embedded - adaptive control. Huazhong University of Science and Technology(Nature Science),2009(8), 92-95(EI, in Chinese)

Awards and Honors

the first prize of Scientific and Technological Progress Award of Hubei Province, 2013, “Technology and Application of Efficient Multi-Axis NC Machining of Large Blade” (Rank 11st)

Courses Taught

Undergraduate course: “Engineering drawing”

Graduate course: “Manufacturing equipment of intelligent control technology”


Undertaken projects:

1)The National Natural Science Foundation of China (General Program), 2013.01-2015.12, The research of method of on-line monitor of NC machine performance under the state of processing. Funding: 0.8 million yuan. Principal Investigator.

2)863 project in Advanced manufacturing field, 2012.02-2015.12, The key technologies of design and manufacturing of precision horizontal machining center. Funding: 865 thousand yuan. Principal Investigator.

3)National support project, 2012.1-2014.12, Equipment and automation production demonstration application for the development of automotive and aviation industry. Funding: 7.39 million yuan. the 2nd Investigator.

4)Wuhan special science and technology program, 2013.1-2015.12, Heavy horizontal lathe milling machining center. Funding: 0.5 million yuan. Principal Investigator.

5)Research of Milling tool monitoring technology of generator shaft , Cooperate with Oriental Motor Co., Ltd. 2012.6-2013.12. Funding: 0.648 million yuan. Principal Investigator.

6)East Lake high tech project of science and technology, 2013.1-2015.12, equipment and industrialization of heavy horizontal lathe milling machining. 2013.1-2015.12. Funding: 2.7 million yuan. the 2nd Investigator.

7)The national major projects on numerical control technology, 2009.1-2011.12, Compensation technology of dynamic errors of heavy NC machine tools. Funding: 2.97 million yuan. the 3nd Investigator.

8)the national 973 program, 2013.1-2017.12, the generation and verification of function of intelligent manufacturing equipment. Funding: 8 million yuan. As a participant.

9)The national major projects on numerical control technology. 2013.01-2015.12.The innovation ability platform with key generic technology for heavy NC machine tool. Funding: 2.97 million yuan. the 4nd Investigator.

10)The national major projects on numerical control technology. 2014.1-2016.12.The machining verification platform for cylinder block of gasoline engine and cylinder header. Funding: 3.39 million yuan. the 2nd Investigator.

Granted patents:

  • A monitoring method for stability of CNC turning machine.(Patent No.: ZL 201110045763.4)

  • A device for automatically measuring errors of CNC lathe.(Patent No.: ZL 200710168723.2)

  • A device for automatically measuring errors of CNC milling machine(Patent No.: ZL 200710168724.7)

  • A monitoring system for machining performance of CNC machine.(Patent No.: ZL 200810048524.2)

  • A monitoring method for NC machine tool wear.(Patent No.: ZL 201010607532.3)

  • A monitoring system for CNC machine tool wear based on self-learning method in manufacturing process. (Patent No.: ZL 201010607535.7)