Li Yiqun




Academic Areas: Robotics and autonomous mobile system; Intelligent identification and optimization of digital manufacturing equipments; Computational geometric mechanics and nonlinear control

Dr. Li is a lecturer of Mechanical Science and Engineering at HUST, where he lead Computational Intelligence and Robotics group. Prior to joining HUST, he was a postdoc at State Key Laboratory of Digital Manufacturing Equipment and Technology. He obtained his Ph.D from Harbin Institute of Technology in 2017. He is a Robot and RC fan.

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Academic Degrees

2007.09-2011.07 Harbin Institute of Technology, Bachelor of Science

2011.09-2013.07 Harbin Institute of Technology, Master of Science

2013.09-2017.10 Harbin Institute of Technology, Doctor of Science

Professional Experience

2017.12-2020.06, State Key Laboratory of Digital Manufacturing Equipment and Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Postdoc

2020.07- Now  , State Key Laboratory of Digital Manufacturing Equipment and Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Lecturer

Selected Publications

[1] Yiqun Li*Boying WuMelvin Leok. Spectral-collocation variational integrators. Journal of Computational Physics, 332: 83-98, 2017.

[2] Yiqun Li*Boying WuMelvin Leok. Spectral variational integrators for semi-discrete Hamiltonian wave equations. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 325: 56-73, 2017.

[3] Yiqun Li*Boying WuMelvin Leok. Construction and comparison of multidimensional spectral variational integrators and spectral collocation methods. Applied Numerical Mathematics, 132:35-50, 2018.

[4] Yiqun Li, Razikhova Meiramgul, Jiankui Chen*, Zhouping Yin. Geometric Spectral Algorithms for the Simulation of Rigid Bodies, Journal of Computational and Nonlinear Dynamics, 2019

[5] Jiankui Chen, Sihui Yang, Yiqun Li*, Zhoulong Xu, Yongan Huang, Zhouping Yin. Active Curved Surface Deforming of Flexible Conformal Electronics by Multi-Fingered Actuator, Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, 2020.

[6] Jiankui Chen, Xi Jiang, Wei Tang*, Liang Ma, Yiqun Li*, Yongan Huang and Zhouping Yin. Roll-to-roll stack and lamination of gas diffusion layer in multilayer structured membrane electrode assembly. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Part B-Journal of Engineering Manufacture, 2019.

Awards and Honors

National Postdoctoral Program for Innovative Talents

Courses Taught

 Autumn 2020, Robotics


1.Mechanical variational principle and coordinated motion control of hybrid wheel-legged robots, National Natural Science Foundation of China, No. 51905185, 2020-2022.

2. Motion planning of nonholonomic mobile robots in path crossing scenario. National Postdoctoral Program for Innovative Talents, No. BX20180109, 2018-2020.

3. Collision avoidance and trajectory optimization of autonomous mobile robots in complex unstructured environments, China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, No. 2019M652626, 2019-2021.

4. Research on collaborative trajectory optimization of multi-mobile robots in smart factory. The Postdoctoral Science and Technology Activity Project of Hubei province, No. 39, 2018-2020.