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Email: Xinjunwu@mail.hust.edu.cn

Academic Areas: Nondestructive testing

Wu Xinjun( corresponding author) is a professor and Ph.D.supervisor. His main research fields include engineering testing and signal processing,nondestructive testing,and etc. He Has won the first prize in AQSIQ inspection science and technology, China petrochemical group co., LTD. Science and technology progress third prize, Henry fok award for young teachers (teaching) and other awards. He has published academic papers published over 60 papers, co-authored the monograph ”digitized magnetic nondestructive testing technology”.

Academic Degrees

1989.9-1993.7 Jiaozuo Institute of Mining & Technology(Henan Polytechnic University) Bachelor Degree

1993.9.-1996.7 Huazhong University of Science & Technology Master Degree

1996.9.-1999.6 Huazhong University of Science & Technology Ph. D

Professional Experience

2005/11-,School of Mechanical Science & Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, professor

2001/09-2005/10,School of Mechanical Science & Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, associate professor

1999/06-2001/08,Electrical Engineering center for post-doctoral studies, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Postdoctoral Research

Selected Publications

[1]Xinjun WU, Xu DING, and Li WANG. An improved longitudinal wave EMAT based on the shielding effect. International Journal of Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics, 45 (2014) 227–233.

[2]Xinjun Wu, Jianming Yuan and Anran Ben. A novel magnetic testing method for the loss of metallic cross-sectional area of bridge cables. International Journal of Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics 39 (2012) 195–201

[3]WU Xin-Jun; XU Jiang; SHEN Gong-Tian. Development of the Noncontact Guided Wave Non-destructive Testing System for the Pipeline Based on the Magnetostrictive Effect. Nondestructive Testing, 2010,32(3):166-170

[4]WU Xin-Jun; HUANG Chen; DING Xu; LIN Shu-Qing; SHEN Gong-Tian. Research and Application of Pulsed Eddy Current Testing Instrument for Steel Corrosions. Nondestructive Testing, 2010,32(2):127-130

[5]Xu Ding, Xinjun Wu, Yugang Wang. Bolt Axial Stress Measurement Based on a Mode-converted Ultrasound Method using an Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer. Ultrasonics 54 (2014) 914–920.

[6]Pengfei Sun, Xinjun Wu, Jiang Xu, Jian Li. Enhancement of the Excitation Efficiency of the Non-Contact Magnetostrictive Sensor for Pipe Inspection by Adjusting the Alternating Magnetic Field Axial Length. Sensors. 2014; 14(1):1544-1563.

[7]Jian Li , Xinjun Wu, , Qing Zhang , Pengfei Sun. Pulsed eddy current testing of ferromagnetic specimen based on variable pulse width excitation. NDT & E International, Volume 69, January 2015, Pages 28–34

[8]Chen Huang, Xinjun Wu, Zhiyuan Xu, Yihua Kang. Ferromagnetic material pulsed eddy current testing signal modeling by equivalent multiple-coil-coupling approach. NDT&E International 44 (2011) 163–168.

[9]XU Jiang, WU Xinjun, WANG Liangyun, HUANG Chen, KANG Yihua. Detecting the flaws in prestressing strands using guided waves based on magnetostritive effect. Insight, 2007,49(11):647-650.

Courses Taught

Engineering Testing Technique (undergraduate)

Nondestructive testing (undergraduate)

New Nondestructive testing (graduate student)


Scientific research project

[1]National Major Scientific Instrument Development Project, variable frequency domain local magnetic detection research and parts of key technology and algorithm频域可变局部磁化检测的关键技术和算法研究及部件研制Research on the key testing technology and algorithm based on the variable frequency domain local magnetization and part development

[2]National Natural Science Foundation of China, Electromagnetic testing principle and method for in-service cable tension based on the time-space transformation

[3]National Key Technology R&D Program of China, Research on the key technology and equipment development for testing of big Ferris wheel cable

[4]Quality Inspection Special Funds For Scientific Research on Public Causes of China, "NDT infrared testing equipment", development of international standards

[5]Quality Inspection Special Funds For Scientific Research on Public Causes of China, Magnetic Flux Leakage Testing Key Technology Research and Development Equipment and Standard

[6]National Natural Science Foundation of China, Pulsed eddy current testing theory and method for corrosion of large thickness pipe with coatings

[7]National 863 plan project, Research on Key Technologies of guided wave testing of the stay cable anchorage zone based on the magnetostrictive effect

Authorized patents

[1]Wu Xinjun, Ba hong, gong-tian shen, Ding Xu. Electromagnetic acoustic transducer for shear horizontal wave , 2014.6, the Chinese invention patent, ZL201210140304.9

[2]Wu Xinjun, BenAnRan, jian-ming yuan. Apparatus for testing of Defects in service and cable, 2014.2, the Chinese invention patent, ZL201110263788.1.

[3]Wu Xinjun Ding Xu. Electromagnetic ultrasonic sensor used for measuring the wall thickness of the specimens and the method of measurement, and 2013.12, the Chinese invention patent, ZL 201110444492 X.

[4]Wu Xinjun, zhi-yuan xu, Huang Chen Ding Xu, yi-hua kang, Xu Jiang. Method and apparatus for pulsed eddy current testing of ferromagnetic component corrosion with permeability sheets, 2009.10, the Chinese invention patent, ZL 200910061369.2.

[5]Wu Xinjun, Huang Chen Xu Jiang, yi-hua kang. Broadband high power electromagnetic excitation apparatus, 2011.7, and the Chinese invention patent, ZL200910272680.1.

[6]Wu Xinjun, Xu Jiang Huang Chen, yi-hua kang. The magnetostrictive guided wave testing system the cable anchorage zone, 2010.9, the Chinese invention patent, ZL 200810196821.1.

[7]Wu Xinjun, sanyo, yi-hua kang. Ferromagnetic component surface defect far-field magnetic field testing method and apparatus, 2010.8, the Chinese invention patent, ZL200610125220.2.