Zhao Jianjun


Associate Professor


Email: zhaojj@hust.edu.cn

Academic Areas: Multi-domain physical system modeling,system simulation,model-based system engineering

Have been committed to the research, development and management of industrial software for complex electromechanical products since 1996. Have got rich experience in theory research, planning organization, process control and quality management of large industrial software and have organized and implemented the R & D work of large three-dimensional CAD software, product data security management software and engineering analysis CAE software platform successively. Have done an in-depth theoretical research in system modeling and simulation area for many years and have done a targeted research and development of the theory method and related standard language-Modelica of multi-domain physical system modeling and simulation. Have undertaken by the identity of the leading person a number of research projects, such as the “863” key project, Natural Science Foundation projects and so on. Have issued more than 10 papers in the journals of high level. Have taken charge of the R&D work of the largest software project of the national Plan “863” in advanced manufacturing technology area -mechanical system dynamics CAE platform, by the identity of the project leader leading 9 well-known scientific research institutes like the Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Zhejiang University, Dalian University of Technology, Tongji University etc., which got a successful completion and acceptance in August 2012 and the result of which was chosen as one of the highlights of achievements during the Eleventh Five - Year period by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Academic Degrees

1998.9-2002.6 mechanical sci. & engineering school, Huazhong univ. of Sci.& Tech. Ph.D

1995.9-1998.6 mechanical sci. & engineering school, Huazhong univ. of Sci.& Tech. Master

1991.9-1995.6 mechanical engineering department, Wuhan engineering Univ. Bsc

Professional Experience

2002.06-2006.10:CAD center, mechanical sci. & engineering school, Huazhong univ. of Sci.& Tech., lecturer

2006.10-now:CAD center, mechanical sci. & engineering school, Huazhong univ. of Sci.& Tech., associate prof.

Selected Publications

1. Xue Chengliang, Zhao Jianjun. Analysis of influence on volume efficiency of inlet and outlet cavities of cycloidal pump based on CFD. Computer Aided Engineering, 2013, 22

2. Zhao Jianjun, Chen Wenhao. Unit check and derivation in Modelica on expression tree. Computer Aided Engineering, 2013, 22

3. Tang Junjie, Zhao Jianjun, Ding Jianwan. Cyber-physical systems modeling method based on Modelica. SERE (Companion) 2012: 188-191

4. Wu Zijun, Zhao Jianjun. Research on Functional Mock-up Interface for Multi-domain Model Exchange. Journal of System Simulation, 2012, 24

5. Zhao Jianjun, He Xiangliang, Ding Jianwan. Design and Implementation of the Air-Conditioning Hardware in the loop Simulation System Based on Modelica. Computer Engineering & Science, 2011, 33

6. Zhao Jianjun, Wu Zijun. Multi-domain modeling and co-simulation based on Modelica. Computer Aided Engineering, 2011, 20

7. Chen Yongfu, Zhao Jianjun, Chen Liping. Digital Watermarking for Engineering Drawing. Jounal of Engineering Graphics, 2010, 06

8. Gong Xiong, Zhao Jianjun, Wang Qifu, etc. Local Geometric Updating Method for Boundary Representation Model. Mechanical Science and Technology, 2007, 26

9. Zhao jianjun, He Binghan. Research and Implementation of the Contact Net intelligent CAD system. CAD CAM, 2007, 12

10. Zhao Jianjun, Mo Yihua, Zhu Lin. Research and application of virtual scene based on VRML-OpenGL. Machinery Design & Manufacture, 2006, 09

11.Zhao Jianjun, Ding Jianwan, Zhou Fanli, etc. Modelica and Its Mechanism of Multi-domain Unified Modeling and Simulation. Journal of System Simulation, 2006, 18

12. Zhao Jianjun, Wang Qifu. Research on direct two-way interface of ParaSolid and ACIS based on boundary representation. Computer Engineering, 2004, 08

13. Zhao Jianjun, Wang Qifu, Wang Xiaogang. Real-time 3D Road Animation Based-on Digital Terrain Model. Computer Engineering, 2004,05

14. Zhao Jianjun, Wang Qifu. An Efficient Data structure suitable for the meshing environment. Computer engineering and applications, 2003, 39

15. Zhao Jianjun, Wang Qifu, Zhong Yifang, Zhou Ji, Zhao Yi. Delaunay triangulation method of curved surfaces based on Riemannian metric. Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering , 2003,01

16. Zhao Jianjun, Zhong Yifang. Anisotropic Mesh Generation and Its Application to the Surface Triangulation. Journal of image and graphics, 2002, 09

17. Zhao Jianjun, Zhong Yifang, Wu Yizhong. Delaunay triangulation based on elliptical transformation for curved surfaces. Fourth International Symposium on Tools and Methods of Competitive Engineering ’2002

18. Zhao Jianjun, Zhong Yifang, Hu yujin. An algorithm of transforming non-tetrahedral meshes into tetrahedral ones by node identifiers. CAD/GRAPHICS ’2001

Awards and Honors

Be in charge of key project in the advanced manufacturing field supported by national high-tech research and development program of China in 2009, titling “The dynamics CAE platform of mechanical systems”, Results of the project are selected by the national Ministry of science and technology as one of 15 highlights achievements

Courses Taught

1.Computational methods,for under-graduate students

2.Computer graphics and Computer-aided design, for under-graduate students


1.In charge of ongoing the project supported by national science foundation of China,title ”Research on the parallelization method and key technology of model mapping for multi-domain complex systems”,project index:61370182

2.In charge of completed key project supported by national high-tech research and development program of China, title “The dynamics CAE platform of mechanical systems”, project index: 2009AA044501