Jiang Ping





Email: jiangping@hust.edu.cn

Academic Areas: Multidisciplinary design optimization;laser processing

Selected Publications

1. Sequential optimization and reliability assessment for multidisciplinary design optimization under hybrid uncertainty of randomness and fuzziness. Journal of Engineering Design, 2013, 24(5): 363-382.

2. A hybrid variable-fidelity global approximation modelling method combining tuned radial basis function base and kriging correction. Journal of Engineering Design, 2013, 24(8): 604-622.

3. A process-view approach for cross-organizational workflows management. Advanced Engineering Informatics, 2010, 24: 229-240.

4. A Web services and process-view combined approach for process management of collaborative product development. Computers in Industry, 2009, 60: 416-427.

5. Interoperability of cross-organizational workflows based on process-view for collaborative product development. Concurrent Engineering: Research and Applications, 2008, 16(1): 73-87.

6. A New Blosco Method Based on Approximate Models, China Mechanical Engineering,  2012, 23(4): 395-402.