Liu Xiaojun



Phone: (86)27-87543970-2511


Academic Areas: 1.Precision measurement technology & Instrumentation 2.Surface measurement & analysis 3.Precision Engineering 4.Characteristic testing of nano-materials and application

Liu Xiaojun was born in Tianmen, Hubei, in 1968, and obtained Ph.D. from Hong Kong University of Science & Technology on November, 2003. He is now a professor and doctoral supervisor in School of Mechanical Science & Engineering. He is dean of the Department of Instrument Science and Technology, secretary general of National Society for Interchangeability and Measurement Techniques, vice director of research center for international standards in manufacturing technology, and vice-president of Wuhan Standards Association.

Academic Degrees

1986/09-1990/07 Harbin Institute of Techniques B.E

1993/09-1996/06 Huazhong University of Science &Technology M.E

2000/09-2003/11 Hong Kong University of Science & Technology D.E

Professional Experience

Assistant Engineer in the 609th institute of the Ministry of Aviation (1990 to 1993);

Visiting Scholar in Chung Yuan Christmas University in Taiwan, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and the Russian Research Institute for the Analysis Instruments in 1999, 2000 and 2005, respectively.

Selected Publications

[1] A partial differential equation algorithm for wavefront reconstruction in lateral shearing interferometry,J Opt A: Pure Appl Opt, Vol.11(4):. 045702-1~11,2009

[2] A new lateral shearing interferometer for precision surface measurement,Optics and Lasers in Engineering,2009, Vol.47(9):926-934

[3] Improved Hough Transform for Automatic Aspect Ratio Evaluation of 3D Oriented Microstructures. SENSOR LETTERS, 2011, 9(4): 1-5. (SCI:903XD)

[4] High-speed Parallel Wavelet Algorithm Based on CUDA and its Application in Three-dimensional Surface Texture Analysis. Proc. of the IEEE International Conference on Electric Information and Control Engineering, 2011: 2249-2252 (EI:12127656)

[5] Non-linear Dynamic Compensation and Re-sampling for Tactile Scanning Measurement of Curved Surface Topography based on GPS Standard, Measruement, 2012, 45(6):1633-1638. (SCI:950II)

[6] Three-dimensional surface measurement by amplified off-axis digital holography, ISPEMI 2012, Proceedings of SPIE.(EI: 20131516204321)

[7] 基于低相干光平面波照明的离轴数字全息显微测量. 华中科技大学学报,2012,40(4): 46-48. (EI:20122415111525)

[8] A Parameter Prediction Model of runing-in based on Surface Topography. Journal of Engineering Tribology. 2013,227(9):1047-1055 (SCI:197TD)

[9] 一种新颖的微机电系统微结构显微图像三维自动拼接方法,机械工程学报,2013, 49(18):85-91

[10]Surface topography characterization in steel running-in process of dry sliding friction, Applied Mechanics and Materials, 278-280(414-417), 2013 (EI:20130615997360)

[11]Investigation of surface topography at the end of running-in process. Applied Mechanics and Materials, 437:564-567, 2013 (EI:20134516951448)

[12]基于有限Radon变换的MEMS结构方向提取. 华中科技大学学报,2013,41(11):68-70

[13]Prediction of Surface Topography at the End of Sliding Running-In Wear Based on Areal Surface Parameters, TRIBOLOGY TRANSACTIONS,V. 57(3),P.553-560,2014

[14] Electrical characteristics of single ZnO nanowire with Cu and Au electrodes under axial strain. Science of Advanced materials, 6(2014), 1937-2935

[15] Design and implementation of shape memory alloy–actuated nanotweezers for nanoassembly. Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, 24(2014), 0960-1317.

Courses Taught

"Precision Machine Design"

"Precision Instrument Design"

"Introduction to Discipline"

"Design of Experiment"

"Introduction of Advanced Instrument and Measurement Technology"

"Curriculum Design"


1. "Technology and systems for dynamic surface topography precision measurement based on white light synchronous phase shifting interference " (Granted by National Natural Science Foundation of China, 51475192)

2. "Research and development of series of high-level instruments for surface topography measurement", (Granted by the instrument special of MOST 2011YQ160013)

3. "Key technologies to scanning three-dimensional surface topography precision measurement and analysis", (Granted by National Natural Science Foundation project, 51075169)

4."Micro-nano technology and device for three-dimensional precision surface topography measurement ", (Granted by 863 key project)

5."Synchronous phase shifting interferometry for on-line precision surface measurement", (Granted by National Natural Science Foundation)

6. "Assembly platform and key technologies for nano-mechanical properties testing of nano-materials", (Supported by State Key Laboratory for Digital Manufacturing Equipment and Technology)