Liu Xinxiong



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Academic Areas: Entire life-cycle Production Design and Concurrent engineering

Xinxiong Liu ,male, born on October 1966, in TIAN MEN City, HU BEI Province. Master of Engineering, now teaching in Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Machinery as a master tutor as well as deputy director of Department of Industrial Design. In recent 5 years, has been responsible for 10 scientific research projects the total funding more than 20000000 yuan, more than 30 papers published, 6 authorized patents.

Academic Degrees

1984.9-1988.7 Huazhong University of Science and Technology Bachelor

1988.9-1991.7 Huazhong University of Science and Technology Master

Professional Experience

School of Mechanical Science & Engineering of HUST,department of Industrial design

Selected Publications

1.Study on the Green Earthen Buildings.Advanced Materials Research. 2013.4

2.Development of Virtual Simulation in Manufacturing Industry. Applied Mechanics and Materials. 2013.4

3.The Importance of Reasonable Application of Materials in the Industrial Product Design.Advanced Materials Research. 2013.10

4.A Study on Swimming Robot.SCET 2012. 2012.5

5.Research on Corrosion-Resistant Materials in Seawater with the Design Process and Research of AHTS's Modeling. Advanced Materials Research. 2013.10

6.Campus souvenirs design research based on emotional needs. Applied Mechanics and Materials . 2014

Awards and Honors

1.Third prize of Science Progress of State Grid corporation of China

2.Outstanding adviser of students' technological innovation activities in2013

3.Outstanding graduate adviser of Huazhong University of Science and Technology

4.Second prize of progress of science and technology in Central China Power Grid

Courses Taught

Bachelor: computer aided industrial design rapid tooling basic of rapid tooling the basis of electrical and electronic design and Technology Foundation computer network art design project design

Master: design methodology Modeling Research of Traditional Chinese Culture Universal design


1.Industrial design and structure design of mechanical productsBased onTopology optimization

2.ocean with three work ship industrial design project

3. design of experiment and discovery for Guangdong Science Center "

4.Hunan Science Museum,the 37th design

5. Appearance design of the Tianyu OBU&RSU

6. design and manufacture of the White light interference vertical scanning measuring instrument and Traceable atomic force scanning probe microscope

7. The Ministry of education "the revitalization of Education Action Plan"experimental teaching reform and base construction project "digital design and manufacture of the experimental system and teaching facilities construction" sub projects: "ergonomics design and modeling design"

8.The basic teaching construction of  the industrial design

9. 2010 Department of education quality engineering - art design talents training mode innovation base (direction of industrial design) 10.6 patents