Lu Wenlong



Phone: 027-87557765-2509


Academic Areas: 1.Surface metrology and instrumentation 2.Geometrical Product Specifications Friction and wear on surface

He is a professor of the state key laboratory of digital manufacturing equipment and technology at school of mechanical science and technology. He received his Ph.D. degree from the EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Advanced Metrology at the University of Huddersfield in April 2012. His main research interest is focused on three aspects: Surface metrology and instrumentation, Geometrical Product Specifications and Friction and wear on surface. He is a member of several academic societies of China.

Academic Degrees

1999.9-2003.7 School of Mechatronics Engineering, HIT Bachelor’s degree

2003.9-2007.12 School of Mechanical Science and Engineering, HUST Phd candidate

2008.1-2012.4 School of Computing and Engineering, UoH Ph.D.

Professional Experience

2012.5- School of Mechanical Science and Engineering, HUST

Selected Publications

1.Lu WL, Zhang GP, Liu XJ. Prediction of Surface Topography at the End of Sliding Running-In Wear Based on Areal Surface Parameters,Tribology Transactions,57(3):553-560,2014

2.Lu WL, Chang M, Chen PC, Luo WM. Iterative deconvolution technique for measurements of diffraction-limited images on optical microscopes,Journal of Modern Optics,61(S1):S2-S9,2014

3.Lu WL, Liu XJ, Zhou LP. Non-linear Dynamic Compensation and Re-sampling for Tactile Scanning Measurement of Curved Surface Topography based on GPS standard,Measurement,45(6):1633-1638,2012

4.Lu WL, Jiang XQ, Liu XJ. Modeling the integration between specifications and verification for cylindricity based on category theory, Measurement Science and Technology, 21(11):115107, 2010

Awards and Honors

Best Paper Award, ASPEN 2013

Courses Taught

1. Sensor Technology
2. Interchangeability and Technical Measurement

3. Quality Engineering


1.Development of a white-light interference based AFM, Special-funded program on national key scientific instruments and equipment development, 29.95million RMB, 2012-2015, main researcher
2.Ontology-based semantic interoperability method of the information of geometrical product specifications and verification, 0.8million RMB, 2015-2018, NSFC 51475190,PI