Liu Shiyuan



Phone: 027-87559543


Academic Areas: Measurement theory and method of layered nanomaterials; innovative development and application of ellipsometer; modeling and optimization design of optical devices

Born in September 1970, Professor Liu is a doctoral supervisor of HUST, member of ICMI, OSA, AVS, SPIE, IEEE and member of the Professional Committee of Optical testing of Chinese Optical Society, member of Professional Committee of Measuring Instruments of Chinese Society for Measurement, and  Vice President of Hubei Instrument and Control Society.

Selected Publications

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Awards and Honors

Leading Talents of Middle-aged and Young Scientific and Technological Innovation

Head of Innovation Group for Natural Science Foundation of Hubei Province

Winners of Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University

Top Ten Young Teacher of HUST

The Geneva International Invention Gold Award

Courses Taught

Engineering Testing Technology Foundation
Micro - nano Testing Technology
Introduction to Ellipsometry