Chen Jiankui


Associate Professor

Phone: 02787559840


Academic Areas: Equipment and technology in electronic manufacture,Roll-to-Roll process and control of flexible substrates

Ph.D. Master Supervisor. Presided over the National Natural Science Foundation of China, National ministry of science and technology support project, etc.

Approved by the State technological invention award and Hubei province first prize invention award. Authorized more than 30 items of national invention patents, copyright and other intellectual property rights. More than 30 academic papers have been published

Academic Degrees

2006.9-2010.6 Huazhong University of Science & Technology Ph.D.

2003.9-2006.6 Huazhong University of Science & Technology Master of Engineering

1997.9-2001.6 Wuhan University of Technology Bachelor of Engineering

Professional Experience

2012.7-Now Huazhong University of Science & Technology

2010.7-2012.7 Huazhong University of Science & Technology Post Ph.D.

Selected Publications

[1]Jiankui Chen, Zhouping Yin, Yongan Huang and Youlun Xiong. The Micro-Indentation Detection of Multilayer Structured Transparent Film Based on Dark Field Illumination. Applied Mechanics and Materials, 217-219,pp1043-1048,2012.

[2]Jiankui Chen, Yongan Huang and Zhouping Yin.Analysis of the Effect of Idle Rollers on Tension Vibration in Discontinuous Web Transport Systems. Advanced Engineering Forum,4,pp 61-67, 2012.

[3] Yongan Huang, Jiankui Chen, Zhouping Yin and Youlun Xiong. Roll-to-Roll Processing of Flexible Heterogeneous Electronics with low Interfacial Residual Stress. IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology, 1(9), pp1368-1377,2011.

[4]Jiankui Chen, Zhouping Yin, Youlun Xiong. A tension control method for discontinuous winding processes by using PMAC. Journal of Huazhong University of Science & Technology. (Natural Science Edition), 38(7),pp1-4,2010.

[5]Jiankui Chen, Zhouping Yin, Youlun Xiong. A Conveyance Method for Discontinuous Winding Processes Based on Synchronous Position Control. Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering, 21(14),pp1639-1642,2010.

Awards and Honors

[1]2013, Second prize of National technical invention:high-performance radio frequency identification tags manufacturing core equipment

[2]2011, First prize of Hubei province technical invention:Core equipment and technology of high-performance RFID tags manufacturing

Courses Taught

[1]Introduction to Flexible Manufacturing Automation

[2]Manufacturing Technology Fundamental of Flexible Electronics


[1]National Natural Science Foundation of China:Controllable transportation and laminating mechanism of neterogeny structure in roll-to-roll manufacturing of flexible electronics

[2]National ministry of science and technology support project:Fuel cell MEA special equipment research and development and demonstration

[3]National ministry of science and technology support project:Sterile products development and application on the robot automatic production lines

[4]973 Project: Collaborative control mechanism and implementation of physical quantities in High density flip chip bonding process