Deng Jianchun


Associate Professor

Phone: 027-87557242


Academic Areas: Precision error compensation technique and the research and development of the relative technological equipment

Deng Jianchun, male, associate professor, was born in 1966. In 1991, he attained the master's degree in Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Over a long period, he has been engaging in the research and development of precision error compensation technique and its technological equipment, and then he has applied it into practice, achieving great social and economic benefits. Besides, he presided over three projects of the national "863" plan, and as the head of a subtopic, he is involved in the national “04" special item and one project supported by Ministry of Science and Technology. What‵s more, he was in charge of several domestic and international cooperation projects, published more than 20 related essays , and obtained 6 national invention patents. He was awarded the second prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress Award and the first prize of technological invention of Hubei province.

Academic Degrees

1993/10—1994/04 The Kiev institute of technology Visiting scholar

1988/09—1991/05 School of Mechanical Science and Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology Master

1982/09—1987/06 School of Mechanical Science and Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology Bachelor

Professional Experience

At Huazhong University of Science and Technology since 1991. School of Mechanical Science and Technology, Assistant Professor (1998.08-present); School of Mechanical Science and Technology, Lecturer(1991.05-1998.07)

Selected Publications

[1] Xuegang Miao,Jianchun Deng.  Robot kinematics simulation based on COSMOSMotion and MATLAB. Mechanical Manufacturing. 2011(08) :22—24

[2] Xuegang Miao,Jianchun Deng.  Study of Kinematics simulation on breast cancer gammer knife source converter robot[J]. Mechanical Design and Manufacturing. 2012(03) :158—160

[3] Jinxing Long,Jianchun Deng,Xuegang Miao.  Study of kinematics on ovoid gear drive and high-speed precise press machine[J]. Forging technology. 2012(03) :80—84

[4] Jialin Zhou,Zhengcheng Duan,Yong Li,Jianchun Deng,PSO—Based Neural Network Optimization and Its Utilization in Boring Machine,Journal of Materials Processing Technology,Vol.178,pp.19-23,2006

[5] Jianchun Deng,Dan Zhao,Gepeng Li,Wenming Li. Automatic compensation of fine boring equipment based on PLC control[J]. Manufacturing Technology & Machine . 2007(01) :106—108

[6]Jialin Zhou ,Jianchun Deng, etc,Neural Networks Optimization based on particle swarm optimization and its application in boring,Chinese Mechanical Engineering,2004.21,15(21):1927—1929

[7] Cedric X.Yu, Xinyu Shao,Jin Zhang, William Regine ,Mike Zheng and Ying S. Yu ,Jianchun Deng and Zhengcheng Duan , GammaPod—A new device dedicated for stereotactic radiotherapy , Medical Physics, Vol. 40, No. 5,pp.051703-1-11, May 2013 of breast cancer,

Awards and Honors

[1] Peigen Li、Zhuolin Chen、XinFang Zhang、Ligang Cai、Xinyu Shao、Wanling Chen、Qifu Wang、Jianchun Deng ,etc. Key technology and tooling system of CAPP,second prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress Award,2001

[2]Xinyu Shao、Jianchun Deng ,ect.automatic Automatic compensation processing system of dimension error in fine boring,first prize of invention in Hubei province,2010

Courses Taught

Machinery manufacturing equipment and technology


The main research situation

1、Automatic compensation unit for dimension error in boring,863 plan,2001AA423250,2002-2003,800 thousand,person in charge

2、“Development of gammar radiation radiotherapy equipment for breast cancer”,international coorportion,2008-2011,3.1 million;person in charge

3、Significant scientific research item of industry-university-research cooperation in Guangdong (in resposible of the subtopic of Keda Mechanical and Electric Corporation —6 million),Dongguan institute of Huangzhong University of Science and Technology,2008-2010,20 million,person in charge

4、The analysis and majorization of performance for uper-heavy CNC single column movable vertical milling machine,subtopic of  04 national special project,1.53 million,person in charge

5、Research and development of high-precision boring machine for water tank,Sany heavy industry co., LTD,5.72million,person in charge, 2012-2014

6、 Development and application of CNC equipment for the manufacturing of  motor parts,National Science-technology Support Plan Projects(2012.01-2014.12),19.71 million,person in charge of  the subtopic(2600 thousand)


[1] Jianchun Deng ,etc,an Elastic boring bar,2004,china,patent for invention,ZL 02115538.0

[2] Jianchun Deng ,etc,a method and equipment for error forecast and compensation in dimension in boring,2004,china,patent for invention,ZL02115537.2

[3] Xinyu Shao、Jianchun Deng,an Elastic boring bar which can realize the automatic adjustment in radial direction of boring cutter,2013,China,patent for invention,201210082284.4

[4]Xinyu Shao、Jianchun Deng, Elastic boring bar,2014,china,patent for invention, 201210082312.2