Wu Bo



Phone: 027-87556213

Email: bowu@hust.edu.cn

Academic Areas: Digitized Manufacturing Technology Electromechanical Equipment Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis

Bo Wu, born in March 1963 in Jianli City, Hubei Province, is the professor and Doctorial tutor of The School of Mechanical Science and Engineering.

Dr. Wu attended in Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 1979 where he earned three degrees: bachelor of Hydraulic in 1983, and master of Fluid Power and Motion Control in 1988 , and PhD of Mechanical Manufacture and Automation in 1992 and the same year he worked as a teacher of HUST. Dr. Wu was promoted to associate professor in 1994 and then promoted to professor in 1997. In 1998, Dr. Wu went to the University of Michigan conducted a visiting research with the Sino-U.S. Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Scholarship and promoted to second level professor of HUST in 2007.

Dr. Wu has long been engaged in manufacturing automation, research of status monitoring and fault diagnosis of process, digital manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing, and other aspects. Dr. Wu has been involved in many important programs, such as the National 973 Program, the National Support Program, the National Natural Science Foundation of major projects, key projects, surface project, Sino-HK jointly funded projects (NSFC-RGC), Sino-Singapore Intelligent Manufacturing international cooperation projects, and so on. Dr. Wu has published hundreds of articles in total and he has got many awards and achievements, such as the first prize and second prize of the Science and Technology Progress Award twice issued by the Ministry of Education, second prize of the National Teaching Achievement Award twice. Dr. Wu was the leader of Mechanical Engineering Control course which is the National Excellent Course and the core member of the teaching team of mechanical discipline and control courses group which is the National Teaching Team.

Academic Degrees

1979.9-1983.7 Huazhong College of Technology Bachelor

1985.9-1988.5 Huazhong University of Science and Technology Master

1989.9-1992.11 Huazhong University of Science and Technology Doctor

Professional Experience

1983.8-1985.8 Hangzhou machinery design institute of Hydropower Ministry Assistant Engineer Mechanical Design

1988.5-1989.8 Structure laboratory center of HUST Assistant structural vibration measurement

1992.11-1994.7 Mechanics Institute of HUST Lecturer Mechatronic Engineering

1994.7-1997.7 Mechanics Institute of HUST Associate Professor Mechatronic Engineering

1997.7- Mechanics Institute of HUST Professor Mechatronic Engineering

1998.2-1999.3 University of Michigan Visiting Scholar Mechatronic Engineering

Selected Publications

1.Chao Jin, Bo Wu(), Youmin Hu, Heat generation modeling of ball bearing based on internal load distribution, Tribology International, 2012, 45(1): 8-15

2.WANG Erhua, WU Bo(), HU Youmin, YANG Shuzi, CHENG Yao, Dynamic stiffness deterioration research of a machining center based on the relative excitation method, CHINESE JOURNAL OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, 2013, 26(5): 974-981

3.Erhua Wang, Bo Wu(), Youmin Hu, Shuzi Yang, Yao Cheng, Dynamic parameter identification of tool-spindle interface based on RCSA and particle swarm optimization,Shock and Vibration,2013(20): 69-78

4.Xia Junyong, Hu youmin, Wu Bo (), Shi Tielin, Experimental research on factors influencing thermal dynamics characteristics of feed system,Precision Engineering, 2010(34): 357-368

5.Chao Jin, Bo Wu,Youmin Hu, Wavelet Neural Network Based on NARMA-L2 Model for Prediction of Thermal Characteristics in a Feed System, Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering, 2011, 24(1):33-41

6.Mingyu Li, Bo Wu, Youmin Hu, Chao Jin, et al.,A hybrid assembly sequence planning approach based on discrete particle swarm optimization and evolutionary direction operation,International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 2013, 68: 617-630

7.Mingyu Li, Bo Wu, Pengxing Yi, Chao Jin, et al. , An improved discrete particle swarm optimization algorithm for high-speed trains assembly sequence planning, Assembly Automation, 2013, 33(4): 360-373

8.Jia Guangfei, Wu Bo, Hu Youmin, Xie Fengyun, Liu Ao, A synthetic criterion for early recognition of cutting chatter,SCIENCE CHINA Technological Sciences, 2013, 56(11): 2870-2876

Awards and Honors

1.In 2014,Second prize of National Teaching Achievement Award;

2.In 2009,Second prize of National Teaching Achievement Award;

3.In 2007,Excellent Teacher Award of Baosteel Education Foundation;

4.In 2006,Second prize of MOE Science and Technology Progress Award;

5.In 1995,First prize of MOE Science and Technology Progress Award;

6.In 1994,Second prize of MOE Science and Technology Progress Award;

Courses Taught

1.Foundation of engineering control

2.The scientific thought and research methods(Freshman Seminar)


Current research in the scientific research project:

1.The sub-topic of National 973 project: The  prediction of  stability and surface quality of multi-axis machining based on multi-information spectrum,2011-2015;

2.The sub-topic of National 973 project: Performance deterioration and early indications of CNC machine tools,2005—2010;

3.The sub-topic of National Science-technology Support Plan: Digital manufacturing process model and database, 2010.1-2012.12;

4.Natural Science Foundation of China:Research on the theory and application of multi physics field information fusion based on Generalized Markov model,2012.1-2015.12;

5.SANY Heavy Equipment Company:Digital Factory of 6 workshop of fully mechanized industrial park ,2011.6-2012.6