Yan Sijie



Phone: 027-87557324

Email: sjyan@hust.edu.cn

Academic Areas: CNC technology and equipment; CAD / CAM; robot application technology

Born in December 1965, Professor Yan is the deputy director of the Department of Blades Intelligent Manufacturing at HUST-Wuxi Research Institute. His research interests mainly are numerical control technology, CAD / CAM, robot application technology and so on. He has presided over many projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China as well as a number of production and research cooperation projects. He has published more than 20 papers.

Awards and Honors

First prize, National Science and Technology Award of the Ministry of Education

Courses Taught

Numerical Technology

Computer Aided Manufacturing Technology


Longitudinal Tasks

1. Study on Mechanism and Technology of Grinding and Sintering of Blade Surface, National Natural Science Foundation of China Project, 2014.01-2017.12

2. Basic Research on Intelligent Manufacturing of High Quality Complex Parts, National 973 sub-project, 2013.01-2017.08

3. Fundamental Research on High Power Laser Welding of Large Complicated Structures, National Natural Science Foundation of China special fund project, 2014.01 ~ 2018.12

4. The key Common technology research on High-end Multi-axis CNC Equipment, Hubei Major Scientific And Technological Innovation Projects, 2014.01-2016.12

5. Hardware R & D of Double Workpiece Motion Control Subsystem, Major National Sub-project, 2009.01-2014.12

Crosswise Tasks

1. Blade Robot Abrasive Grinding Process And Equipment Research And Development, 2013.01-2015.12

2. To Improve The Production Of High-Temperature Alloys Such As Difficult Cutting Blade, 2013.01-2015.06

3. Forging Forging Detection And Analysis Software Research And Development, 2014.04-2015.06

4. Whole Impeller Leaf Disc Manufacturing Technology Research, 2013.01-2014.06

5. Wind Power Blade Multi-Robot Collaborative Grinding Intelligent Manufacturing System Research, 2015.9-2016.12

6. Rotor Coil Straight Copper Production Line Development Of Intelligent Production 2014.9-2016.12