Ye Bosheng


Associate Professor



Academic Areas: Numerical Control Technology

Ye Bosheng, associate professor. From 1985 to 1994, completed study from undergraduate to doctoral stage at Northwestern Polytechnical University, and was awarded the doctorate degree in aerospace manufacturing engineering. From Oct. 1994  to Jan. 1997, completed postdoctoral researchers in mechanical engineering  at Huazhong University of Science and Technology . From 1997 to now, long engaged in the scientific research and teaching at the numerical control technology and robot control technology.

Academic Degrees

1985.05-1988.07 Xian/ Northwestern Polytechnical University bachelor

1988.09-1991.01 Xian/ Northwestern Polytechnical University Master

1991.03-1994.07 Xian/ Northwestern Polytechnical University Doctor

Professional Experience

1994.10-1997.01, School of Mechanical Science and Engineering in HUST, post-doctoral

1997.03-now, School of Mechanical Science and Engineering in HUST, teacher

Selected Publications

(1)Stable adaptive PI control for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drive based on Improved ITL technique,ISA Transactions,2013.07

(2)A Study of Force and Position Tracking Control for Robot Contact with an Arbitrarily Inclined Plane,Adv Robotic Sy,,2013.01

(3)6-axis industrial robot inverse kinematic solution algorithm based on joint attribute,Journal of Huazhong University of Science and Technology (Nature Science),2013.03

(4)Implementation of arc interpolation in a robot by using three arbitrary points,Journal of Huazhong University of Science and Technology (Nature Science),2007,(8)

(5)Numerical control principle and system, Chinese labor and Social Security Publishing House,2004.4 ;

(6)NC programming and operation, Huazhong University of Science and Technology press,2005.7;

Courses Taught

The undergraduate course: (1)Numerical control technology (2)The basis of computer and program design

The postgraduate course: (1)Numerical control technology The theory and application of open CNC system


(1)National natural science fund project:The study of variable parameter adaptive control to articulated industrial robot based on inertial parameters identification(51475185),2015.1~2018.12;

(2) National key scientific and technological project:High performance  multi axis machining technology for complex thin wall parts(2009ZX04014-052),2009.3-2010.12;

(3)National key scientific and technological project:The development and comprehensive verification for High performance  Open NC system and servo drive system(2012ZX04001012),2012.1-2015.12;

(4)National key scientific and technological project:The innovation platform in key generic technology for high-performance CNC system (2010ZX04017-011),2010.1-2011.12;

(5)The national invention patent, 201010215314, A flexible wrist for robot, 2012-05

(6)The utility model patent, 201320141606.8, An arm balance cylinder device for industrial robot, 2013-09, (7)The utility model patent, 2013201651072, A teaching box for industrial robot based on Ethernet communication , 2013-09 (8)The national invention patent,200910273170.6, A detection and analysis device for technical indexes of numerical control unit,2011-01