Zhang Gang


Associate Professor

Phone: 027-87543555

Email: zhanggang@hust.edu.cn

Academic Areas: Sensor technology

Mr Zhang received the M.S. degree from HUST in year 1996. The thesis was about the research and development of artificial neural network control. Then, he received Ph.D. degree from HUST in year 2000. The research area was the electric measurement in power system. Now, he is an associate professor in the School of Mechanical Science and Technology, HUST. His research interests include measurement technology, artificial intelligent control theory and engineering, and power monitoring system.

Academic Degrees

1989-1993 HUST B.S.

1993-1996 HUST M.S.

1996-2000 HUST Ph.D

Professional Experience

2000—2002, Post-doctor, School of Mechanical Science & Engineering, HUST.

2002—present, Associate professor, School of Mechanical Science & Engineering, HUST.

2010-2011, visiting scholar supported by China Scholarship Council and Norwegian Government scholarship, Department of Electric Power Engineering, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Selected Publications

1、Hydrogen gas sensor based on palladium and yttrium ultrathin film ,Review of Scientific Instruments, 83(12), pp 1-6, 2012/12

2、Modeling analysis and experimental study on the optical fiber hydrogen sensor based on Pd-Y alloy thin film ,Review of Scientific Instruments, 83(7), pp1-5, 2012/7

3、Research on characteristics of hydrogen gas sensor based on palladium and yttrium alloy ultrathin film ,The 14th International Meeting on Chemical Sensors, 2012, Nuremberg, Germany

4、Artificial neural network compensation for an optical fiber micro-displacement sensor in positioning system ,2012 International conference on Function Materials and Nanotechnology, FMN 2012, pp449-452, Zhengzhou, China

5、Optical path analysis of the optical fiber bundle hydrogen sensor ,2011 3rd International Conference on Mechanical and Electronics Engineering, ICMEE 2011, pp 4102-4105, Hefei, China

6、Composition control of palladium-sliver alloy for optical fiber hydrogen sensor ,2011 International Conference on Advanced Design and Manufacturing Engineering, ADME 2011, pp 1045-1049, Guangzhou, China

7、Reflective ultrathin membrane model of hydrogen sensor based on multicomponent alloy ,2011 International Conference on Advanced Mechatronic Systems, ICAMechS 2011,pp 398-402,Zhengzhou, China

Awards and Honors

1.Electrical monitoring system on ion-exchange membrane coastic soda engineering. Ministry of Education of China’s Technology Advancement Award, First-class certificate

2.Techniques and Equipment of Online Products Inspection for the High Speed Production Line based on Machine Vision. Technology Advancement Award of Hubei Province, Second-class certificate

3.Float glass on-line quality detection system. Technology Advancement Award of Wuhan City, Second-class certificate

4.Multi-function FieldBus protocol converter. Technology Advancement Award of Hubei Province, Technology invention award of Hubei Province, Third-class certificate

Courses Taught

undergraduate courses

Analogue Electronic Technology basis

Digital Electronic Technology basis


1.Research of embedded networked intelligent sensor (National Natural Science Foundation of China

2.Research of reflecting optical fiber bundle hydrogen sensor based on palladium-hydrogen sensing theory(National Natural Science Foundation of China)

3.Research of micro fiber optical sensor based on MOEMS(Natural science foundation of Hubei Province, China)

4.Study on theory and technologies of intelligent sensor based on network (Project of Young Scientists Fund of Hubei Province, China)

5.Embedded optic fiber gas sensor based on narrow-band spectral absorption (Technology Research and Development Program of Hubei Province, China)

6.Research and development of micro photoelectric sensor (Technology Research and Development Program of Wuhan City, china)

7.Study on key technologies of smart micro sensor/actuator (Chenguang Project of Wuhan City, China)

8.Research and development of current sensor serialization products (company project)

9.Research and development of Distributed Energy Resources technology (company project)