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November 19-20, 2017, HUST Academic Frontier Youth Team Exploration Forum2017 Seminar on Swarm Intelligence Optimization Algorithm hosted by Huazhong University of Science and Technology and organized by the School of Mechanical Science & Engineering, was successfully held in the No.1 building of HUST. More than one hundred famous international and domestic experts and scholars participated in the seminar, such as Professor Ponnuthurai Nagaratnam Suganthan from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, Professor Swagatam Das from India Institute of Statistics, Professor Jose Manuel Framinan from University of Sevilla, Spain.


Professor Liang Gao, the vice director of State Key Laboratory of Digital Manufacturing Equipment and Technology, presided over the opening ceremony and delivered a welcome speech.


A profound communication of international trends of the swarm intelligence optimization algorithm has been made in this workshop.

Professor Ponnuthurai Nagaratnam Suganthan gave two reports, one entitled An Introduction to Differential Evolution, where he explained the study of differential evolution algorithm used on single-objective, restricted, dynamic, multi-objective, large-scale and multimodal optimization problems. The other report was Non-iterative Methods for Classification and Forecasting, where the application of non-iterative methods on classification as well as random forest was discussed in detail.

Professor Yuhui Shi from Southern University of Science and Technology delivered a report on Developmental Brain Storm Optimization Algorithms, clarifying the theory and development of the methods. Professor Aimin Zhou from East China Normal University gave a report entitled Learning Guided Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization: A Short Survey. Dr. Kaizhou Gao from Nanyang Technological University made a report named Meta-heuristics for Flexible Job Shop Scheduling and Urban Traffic Light Scheduling.

Professor Swagatam Das made a report entitled Pattern Clustering – Center Based Approaches and Beyond, talked about key problems in clustering analysis. Professor Ke Tang from Southern University gave a report named Optimization through Automatic Decomposition – A Heuristic Search Perspective.

Professor Jose Manuel Framinan reported on Assembly Scheduling: A Classification and Review of Contributions. Professor Zhun Fan from Shantou University gave a report called Design Automation of Intelligent Robotic Systems Based on Evolutionary Computation. Professor Jing Liang from Zhengzhou University delivered a report on Something about Multimodal Optimization.

Associate Professor Danyu Bai from Shenyang University of Chemical Technology made a report on Flow Shop Learning Effect Scheduling Problem with Release Dates. Professor Zhipeng Lyu from HUST delivered a report named A Hybrid Metaheuristic/Exact Algorithm for Optical Network Design Problem.


Finally, Professor Quanke Pan, from State Key Laboratory of Digital Manufacturing Equipment and Technology of HUST made a summary speech on the seminar. He thanked experts and scholars for participating, and he was looking forward to more opportunities for learning and communications in the future.

This senimar has promoted the understanding about the international frontier trends of swarm intelligence optimization algorithm, and established a platform for academic exchanges between international scholars. It also helps to promote the development of related disciplines such as industrial engineering, operations research and optimization.

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