Prof. Julien Yvonnet at University Paris-Est Visits MSE
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On March 27, Professor Julien Yvonne and his PhD student Da Daicong at University of Paris-Est, France, visited MSE for academic exchange. Prof. Yvonne was invited by Associate Prof. Xia Liang, who is currently a faculty member in the Department of Mechatronic Engineering, MSE. Prof. Shi Tielin and Prof. Xuan Jianping from the same department also joined the exchange.



Prof. Yvonnet began by introducing the recent research development done by his team on the simulation of cracking of quasi-brittle materials using the Phase Field Method. Both theoretical derivations and numerical implementations of the phase field fracturing simulation were introduced in detail. Further applications of the method for other types of materials and 3D imaging of cracks was introduced subsequently. Prof. Yvonnet also showed how to use the developed method together with inverse optimization design for the identification of the equivalent material fracture parameters. In the end, he introduced the recent collaboration work with Associate Prof. Xia’s research group on the maximization design of the fracture resistance of quasi-brittle composites and suggested various interesting and challenging subjects for future collaboration.

Mr. Daicong Da gave a lecture on his recent progress in topology optimization of multiscale structures, including a new evolutionary topology optimization method providing smooth boundary representation and the use of filter-based multiscale modeling method for the design of periodic structures.

After the lectures, Prof. Yvonnet and Mr. Da had a warm and extensive exchange with the attending faculties and students.

The academic exchange activity was supported by the funding of the International Cooperation Promotion Project of MSE.

Expert Profiles

Julien Yvonnet works as a full professor at University Paris-Est, France. He is currently the head of the mechanics group of the Multiscale Modeling and Simulation Lad (over 50 researchers). His main research interests deal with numerical modeling of complex materials, multiscale methods and fracture modeling in heterogeneous materials, with applications to civil engineering materials, composites and nanocomposites. He is the author of 70 papers in international journals. And he was awarded several prestigious international and national awards, including the 2018 IACM John Argyris Award for young scientists, the 2014 ECCOMAS O.C. Zienkiewicz Award for young Scientists in Computational Engineering Sciences and the Institut Universitaire de France Award 2013 (a prestigious 5-year research grant from France research institute).

Mr. Da Daicong is a joint PhD student at University Paris-Est and Hunan University, and his supervisors are Prof. Julien Yvonnet and Prof. Li Guangyao. His main research fields are topology optimization, designs of high-performance multiscale structure, designs of smart materials and material structure crack resistance and calculation method. He has published 6 SCI indexed journal papers on engineering computation and structural optimization. He has assisted to convene and attended many international academic conferences.

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