MSE Organized Series Activities on Campus Security
Author:Graduate Stu​dents’ Union, MSE Edit:Liao Liangmin,Wu Yangtian       Release time:May 6, 2019       click:

Security Inspection to Labs and Graduate Students Office

On April 15th, Department of Students’ Lives of Graduate Students’ Union, MSE, together with the property management company in the Advanced Manufacturing Building, carried out an overall security inspection to Labs and Graduate Students Office of MSE. The inspectors recorded in detail dangerous situations like using prohibited electrical appliances and installing electric wires at random, and reflected the results to each labs and offices, which were asked to rectify these problems strictly.

Training Lecture on Security Knowledge

On the afternoon of April 18th, MSE held a training lecture on security knowledge at the conference hall. Mr. Mao Tianyin, Chief of the Public Security and Firefighting Office of HUST, was invited to give a lecture about firefighting, burglary and cheating prevention. Ms. He Jie, Deputy Party Secretary of MSE, Ms. Zeng Zheng, instructor of graduate students, and Mr. Huang Fanlin, instructor of undergraduate students, as well as about 200 students attended the lecture.

After the lecture, the students were more aware of campus security problems, reminding them to get attention to these problems in their daily life. In the meanwhile, MSE sent the promotion video to each class, requiring them to spread the knowledge to all the students so as to increase their security consciousness.


Security and Sanitation Inspection of Graduate Student Dormitories

On the afternoon of April 17th, MSE Graduate Students Union organized the security and sanitation inspection of graduate student dormitories.

Ms. He Jie and Ms. Zeng Zheng led the inspectors to carefully examine the 16 buildings, all together 676 rooms, where MSE graduate students lived. During the inspection, they recorded in detail dangerous situations of each dormitory and took photos, grading them and then share feedback to them, requiring related dormitories to improve the situation immediately.

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