The 10th National College Students Mechanical Innovation Design Competition—HUST Competition Started
Author:Dou Xuanzhi,Zhang Xiaopei Edit:Liao Liangmin,Wu Yangtian       Release time:May 19, 2021       click:

On May 11, the propaganda and mobilization meeting of the 10th National College Students Mechanical Innovation Design Competition—HUST Competition was held. Mr. Zhang Xiaopei, MSE counselor in charge of scientific and technological innovation, presided over the meeting. Prof. Wang Shuting, Vice President of MSE, Lecturer Liu Lunhong, person in charge of Mechanical Innovation Base, Lecturer Li Xiqiu, instructor of the competition, Mrs. Meng Yunhong, MSE senior engineer, and Mrs. Cai Xiaohong, Director of Guangdong Shuncheng Law Firm, presented at the meeting.

Prof. Wang Shuting pointed out that the competition was initiated and organized by the Mechanical Teaching Steering Committee, when Academician Yang Shuzi served as Director of the Mechanical Discipline Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education. Both the university and the school have always attached great importance to this competition. It is not only an academic competition for the mechanical discipline, but also the comprehensive application and improvement for various disciplines of engineering, and thus become an important platform for the cultivation of top-notch innovative talents.

Lecturer Liu Lunhong explained in detail relevant policies, timelines and rules of the competition, focusing on two main competition topics of bionic machinery and ecological restoration machinery. Liu shared the situation of recent awards that HUST won, and several typical innovation cases of HUST. Director Cai Xiaohong talked about the development and current situation of China’s patent policy, suggesting that patents should go hand in hand with product development.

Students like Chairman of the Development Association of Mechanical Innovation Base and winners of the National First Prizes of previous Mechanical Innovation Competitions also shared their experience. Sun Yingdong shared his opinion with the topic "Having a long-term vision, Winning the prize unintendedly". He thought that participants should not only regard the competition as a bonus competition, but also as the cornerstone of going further to a bigger stage. From the perspective of an industrial designer, Dou Xuanzhi described the product definition idea from scenes to problems, from demands to functions, as well as the subsequent development process of enterprises. Zhang Zhiran explained the technical development process of his team’s project "Intelligent Sorting Trash Can" which took part in last year’s Mechanical Innovation Competition, stressing the importance of the team. Tian Guang shared the development process of the project "the Auxiliary Device to Go Upstairs/Downstairs for the Elderly ", emphasizing the concept of innovation. 

More than 150 teachers and students from different schools and grades of HUST attended the meeting.

(Photo by Li Shuchuan, Zhang Xiaopei)



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