Mr. Yuan Ding of EDF Visited MSE
Author:Ye Mengli,Li Jiajing Edit:Liao Liangmin,Wu Yangtian       Release time:Jul 5, 2021       click:

On June 23, Yuan Ding, vice general-manager of the Nuclear Power China Sector of Electricité de France (shorted as EDF), led a group to MSE. The group exchanged views with MSE operations research and optimization team and the laser additive manufacturing team of Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics (WNLO) of HUST. Prof. Gao Liang, Secretary of MSE Party Committee, Prof. Zeng Xiaoyan of WNLO, and some other scholars from the two teams attended the meeting.

Prof. Gao Liang expressed a warm welcome to Mr. Yuan Ding and his group. Mr. Shen Yang, project manager of the additive manufacturing project in EDF R&D Center, gave an online presentation. Shen introduced R&D projects of EDF in additive manufacturing, and explained the application background and value of additive manufacturing technology in the power industry, aiming to introduce advanced structural design and manufacturing technology into the technical system of EDF.

Prof. Gao Liang introduced the scientific research foundation and platforms of MSE topological optimization team and HUST additive manufacturing team, as well as the scientific research achievements jointly completed by the two teams.

Ms. Xu Tingting, chief engineer of EDF China R&D Center, introduced in detail the related EDF projects based on SLM and topological optimization. She hoped to carry out technical exchange and cooperation with MSE and WNLO, and put forward relevant technical requirements.

Associate Prof. Li Hao of MSE explained the methods and applications of topological optimization, as well as the application of the technology in aerospace and other fields.

Associate prof. Wei Kaiwen of WNLO introduced the additive manufacturing technology based on SLM, and showed some equipment developed by himself.

Mr. Arnaud Barthet, director of M4G Office of EDF China R&D Center, introduced EDF and its China R&D Center. At present, EDF is committed to developing green and environment-friendly new energy, and it hopes to cooperate with China to jointly achieve China’s strategic goals of "emission peak" and "carbon neutrality".

Experts and scholars attending the meeting had in-depth exchange and discussions on technical details, application status and prospects of topological optimization and additive manufacturing technology in the power industry. Mr. Yuan Ding expressed his hope of the two sides to conduct more in-depth technical exchange and cooperation in the future, and jointly contribute to the development of low-carbon and environment-friendly power technology. After the meeting, EDF China R&D Center and MSE operation and optimization team signed a cooperation agreement on topological optimization design technology and software development.


(Photo by Ye Mengli)



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