HUST-MSE's Role in Organizing the "Discover at HUST" Summer Program for International Students in China
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On the morning of August 28th, the school of Mechanical Science and Engineering (MSE) played a pivotal role in coordinating the "Discover at HUST" Summer Program, hosting international students from various overseas universities, including those from Germany, Russia, Indonesia, etc.

To kick off the event, Associate Professor Ling Ling delivered a comprehensive presentation, providing students with valuable insights into the development trajectory of MSE. She elaborated on the department's strengths, the esteemed faculty, research opportunities, available academic platforms, and its global educational initiatives. Moreover, Professor Ling engaged in in-depth discussions with the students, delving into their individual areas of interest. This interaction not only enriched the students' knowledge but also showcased the vibrant international academic environment thriving within the MSE department.

Following this engaging session, Dr. Zhu Hao, representing the MSE Laboratory facilities, led the students on an informative tour of the laboratories housed in the MSE East one Building. During this tour, he provided a detailed overview of MSE's laboratory facilities, highlighted the extensive experimental resources available, introduced the various research teams operating within the school, and even conducted captivating experiment demonstrations. This immersive experience left the students both informed and inspired, quenching their curiosity about MSE's teaching and experimental resources.

MSE's active involvement in facilitating the "Discover at HUST" Summer Program underscores its commitment to promoting international collaboration and fostering an enriching academic atmosphere for students from around the world.

Following the enriching activities, students conveyed their profound interest in becoming part of MSE community in the future. They enthusiastically pledged to share their experiences at MSE with their teachers and peers back in their home countries, thereby promoting greater awareness of China, Wuhan, HUST and the MSE on a global scale.

HUST-MSE showcased its unwavering commitment to providing high-quality international education and exhibiting impressive capabilities in scientific research to these students hailing from various overseas universities. Looking ahead, HUST-MSE is poised to introduce more top-notch internship programs, aimed at attracting even more high-caliber international students. This strategic move not only fortifies MSE's reputation but also contributes significantly to elevating HUST's global prominence and influence on the international stage.

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